Most of you guys are right about FP, most of Flame Princess fans love her because she's Finn's girlfriend. True True. And yes I'm a huge fan of FP and supporting FinnxFP but I do love Flame Princess more than FinnxFP. I really do care about FP because I feel sorry for her after she was locked inside her own lantern for a very long time and haven't seen what's outside of the world. Poor thing :(. That's why I'm shipping FinnxFP because she deserve to be loved. And I really want to see her character develope sooner or later. If Finn becomes a player like from Reign Of Gunters or All The Little People, I won't like him one bit. Flame Princess deserve someone who can care for her after she's free from her lantern. I hope they find a way to help Flame Princess with her elemental matrix like PB just make a potion to make FP stable after I think she owes finn that much for all the times he's saved her, FP herself can find a way to control her powers so there won't be much destructive for her or anybody to help her problems, or anything that can solve her problems. I just don't want people to treated her like just a ticking time bomb. I mean come on, she's just a kid who's feel lost, confuse, and wanted someone who can love and care for her. I just can't stand it. Even it can be difficult, I hope they'll find a way to help FP in a good way. I mean not everyone has to be perfect. We all make some mistakes and have some problems even for PB. But that's ok, people make mistakes, it's all part of growing up and we can learn from our mistakes. And FP is like me, because sometimes I can be stubborn, naive, cariousity, and have anger issue. And fire is my element too. I just want FP to be happy like having a boyfriend and/or at least having a friend. She really need someone who can care for her.

And you guys have no patient with Flame Princess. You guys just rushing though things. Just give her some time. And here are the reason why...

Mr Muto stated that Flame Princess will appear more in Season 5.

And they said she'll probably redeem herself

And here's my question for you guys.

Question: How would you feel when someone locks you up Inside a small room for a very long time?

My answer: I would have a terrible life.