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    a fanfic based on a made up character

    "is..... Ice King."

    Was she kidding?!

    "ICE KING?!" both Finn and Jake squealed. They couldn't beleive that the Ninja Kingdom was under threat by Ice King!

    "Yes. He is a major threat to my people—the ninjas!" she exclaimed.

    "Why is Ice King your evil villain? Can't you attack him? Your the Unholy Ninja for Glob's sake! You just need to beat him to a pulp!" Finn screamed, extremely confused.

    "Finn, IT is hard to beat the Ice King if you're made out of Lightning," she explained. What's the matter with lightning and ice?


    "Finn, ice is made out of water."



    "Really?" Jake asked.

    "Of course, ye—" she was cut off by Dagger Butler.

    "Princess, a scroll from a mysterious bird made out of snow." …

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    Your Light

    June 21, 2012 by Princess Bubblegum

    a fanfic based on a made up character

    "Poots on Newts! Hahahahah!" Jake exclaimed; "Hey, Finny, wanna poot on that newt?"

    "Yeah! But, I'm not going to that ocean," Finn said; "OCEAN WILL TOUCH ME NO MORE!"

    "Okay, dude," Jake said; "No going to the ocean."


    "What the-" Finn asked, surprised.

    "Please, are you Mr. Finn?" A ninja said; "The Ninja Kingdom is under attack!"

    "What?!" Finn exclaimed; "Ninjas are real!"

    "Yes!" the ninja said; "And our Princess needs your help!"

    "Cool!" Finn said; "Jake, you coming?"

    "I'm still pooting on newts," Jake said; "But, we're talking about ninjas! I'm coming!"

    "Radicle bro!" Finn said; "Now, ninja man, How do we go to your kingdom?"

    "It's simple actually," ninja man said; "Just go around me and chant, "Transpor…

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    Hey guys! For all of my Am I still your Kitty? readers, Thanks!

    I would also like to thank Flame Prince Finn for the awesome photo he would like to feature on my fanfic :)

    Thanks FPF!

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    Chapter 4 of the most Funny-Gunter moment.... Am I still your Kitty?

    What the glob are you saying, Cake?!" Fionna screamed

    "What am I saying Fionna?" Cake said, "What are you saying?!"

    "She knows where she belongs, Fionna." Ice Queen said.

    "She belongs to me Ice Queen!" Fionna shouted, "You know that Cake!"

    "You are nothing but a liar, Fionna!" Cake screamed, "You lied to me for years!"

    "What are you talking about?" Fionna asked

    "No more chit-chat!" Ice Queen shouted, "Gunter, hurry up and call all your friends and family! Cake, would you please give me the crown?"

    "Give up the tiara." Cake said

    "You'll never know where it is, Cake!" Fionna shouted

    "Oh, yeah?" Cake said as she grabbed the tiara from Fionna's backpack, "What about this?"

    "Cake, don't g…

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    Chapter 3 of the most awaited fanfic... Am I still your Kitty?


    "I'm very sorry, Ice Queen." Cake apologized, "I mean, Mommy."

    "It's alright my dear Cake, I still love you with all my heart." Ice Queen replied, "But, you can make it up to your Mommy if you take my stolen tiara from the wicked Fionna."

    "But, Ice Que-, I mean Mommy." Cake said, "Honey Cakes is my bestfriend, I can't fight her!"

    "You can't Fight?" Ice Queen shouted, "You Can't fight the person who stole you from your Mommy?!"

    "I...I...I can." Cake said, "And I will."

    "Good my dear, Cake." Ice Queen said, "Now, fetch my tiar…

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