Chapter 3 of the most awaited fanfic... Am I still your Kitty?


"I'm very sorry, Ice Queen." Cake apologized, "I mean, Mommy."

"It's alright my dear Cake, I still love you with all my heart." Ice Queen replied, "But, you can make it up to your Mommy if you take my stolen tiara from the wicked Fionna."

"But, Ice Que-, I mean Mommy." Cake said, "Honey Cakes is my bestfriend, I can't fight her!"

"You can't Fight?" Ice Queen shouted, "You Can't fight the person who stole you from your Mommy?!"

"I...I...I can." Cake said, "And I will."

"Good my dear, Cake." Ice Queen said, "Now, fetch my tiara for me."

"Yes, Mommy." Cake said, looking horrific.

Cake already arrived at their tree fort..

"Ahh! BMO, lower the difficulty!" Fionna screamed while she was playing, "Oh! Cake, did you put the Ice Queen away already?"

"The question is.." Cake said, "Are you putten away from your lies?!"

"Cak- ," Fionna hadn't finish her sentence until, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Cake and Fionna already arrived in Ice Queen's castle...

"Put me down, Cake!" Fionna shouted, "Why'd you put me here?!"

"Welcome Fionna." Ice Queen said, "Are you happy for stealing my cat?"

"WENK!" Gunter shouted angrily.

"Shut up, Gunter!" Ice Queen said,

"Wenk, wenk (alright, sorry.)" Gunter apologized.

"Now, where was I?" Ice Queen said, "Oh yeah. Cake, what would you want to do with her?"

"Let her suffer." Cake said, "Suffer. Let her suffer, Mommy."

"Mommy?!" Fionna asked, confused.

This is the end of Chapter 3... Am I still your Kitty?