Chapter 4 of the most Funny-Gunter moment.... Am I still your Kitty?

What the glob are you saying, Cake?!" Fionna screamed

"What am I saying Fionna?" Cake said, "What are you saying?!"

"She knows where she belongs, Fionna." Ice Queen said.

"She belongs to me Ice Queen!" Fionna shouted, "You know that Cake!"

"You are nothing but a liar, Fionna!" Cake screamed, "You lied to me for years!"

"What are you talking about?" Fionna asked

"No more chit-chat!" Ice Queen shouted, "Gunter, hurry up and call all your friends and family! Cake, would you please give me the crown?"

"Give up the tiara." Cake said

"You'll never know where it is, Cake!" Fionna shouted

"Oh, yeah?" Cake said as she grabbed the tiara from Fionna's backpack, "What about this?"

"Cake, don't give it to her!" Fionna shouted

"Your too late, Fionna!" Ice Queen said, "Cake, hand it over."

"Yes, Mommy." Cake said, "GO FIONNA!"

"Kicking butt time!" Fionna siad

"What is this my dear Cake?!" Ice Queen shouted

"Give it up Ice Queen." Cake shouted, "I knew that you were just tricking me from the star. Fionna found me. Not you. And one more, Fionna's ONLY grandma is a hero. On the way, I told Fionna everything. We planned to kivk your butt!"

"My penguins!" Ice Queen shouted, "Kill them!"

"WENK!" Gunter and the others shouted.

"Cake." Fionna said

"Fionna." Cake said

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" They both shouted as they kicked penguin butts!

A few seconds later....

"Come on, Cake." Fionna said, "Let's go get some catnip"

"CATNIP!" Cake shouted as they left Ice Queen.

"I was almost the most glorifying villain ever!" Ice Queen shouted

"Wenk." Gunter said as he farted

"GRRRRRAAAAA!!!!!" Ice Queen shouted.

This is the end of the most-awaited fanfic.... Am I still your Kitty?