This is a fan fiction about Fionna and Cake

"Take that, Ice Queen!" Fionna shouted as they once again rescue Hotdog Prince.

"Great Job, Honey Cakes!" Cake shouted.

"Argh. Ice Queen, We have been chasing you since like, FOREVER! Why won't you stop catching dudes?!" Fionna rapidly shouted.

"I won't stop catching boys you, Tomboy! HAHAHAH!" Ice Queen then used her abilities to quickly make iciles as sharp as daggers. But, how unfortunate the Ice Queen is because Cake quickly grabbed her tiara, leaving her with no powers.

"Cake! Don't you dare wear that! Put that down!" Fionna shouted

"Alright Honey Cakes, just settle down." Cake said, "I was just suggesting that we could stop the Ice Queen from using her powers by taking her tiara, right?"

"Hmm. You're right Cake! We should hide it in our Tree House!" Fionna agreed, "But, wait. You do promise me to never wear the tiara, do you?"

"I swear, in pigs who have hair." Cake said, looking clever.

"Radicle. Now, let's take care of this wicked queen." Fionna said, " Wait, you have no more powers, right? Then, you have no abilities! Maybe we'll just leave you alone in your house."

"I'll take Ice Queen to the Ice Kingdom! I'll take the tiara too!" Cake said, looking evil.

"No can do, Cake! Maybe you'll wear the tiara and become Ice Queen's zombie slave!" Fionna disagrred, "This thing is staying with me."

"Fine. Come on, Ice Queen." Cake said, "Off we go."

Cake and Ice Queen already arrived in the Ice Kingdom and then..

"Well, here Ice Queen. Your home sweet home." Cake said.

Cake was about to leave until...

"How can a cat betray her own owner?" Ice Queen said, teary-eyed.

"What? You have a cat?" Cake asked, confused.

"Yes, I do." Ice Queen said, "And that cat is YOU."

"Huh?!" Cake shouted, confused. TERRIBLY confused.

This is the end of Chapter 1.. Am I still your Kitty?