Chapter 2 of the most loved fanfic, Am I still your kitty?

"What?!" Cake said, "Ice Queen, are you crazy?!"

"No. It was oh so, real." Ice Queen said, "Come here, my kitty. I will show you here in my crystal orb."

Cake was too curious too refuse and just forget about it. So she followed.

"Here, my crystal orb will show you." Ice Queean siad.

This is the story in the orb...

Ice Queen saw Cake on top of a bridge where she was abandoned, lost and with no hope underneath the cold rain. She came near to pick her up and this cute little cat licked the nose of the Ice Queen.

"I am gonna name you Cake. For I am your icing who helps make you sweet." Ice Queen said.

Cake was all dirty in the bridge. With mud all over her and dirt, Eew! Cake was dirty. But the kind 'ol Ice Queen had no complaints but just cleaned Cake squeaky clean. All of the penguins helped Ice Queen bathe Cake. Cake was much more happier there when she was with Fionna.

6 months since Cake was adopted..

Ice Queen and Cake was sitting there beneath the fire in the Ice Kingdom. Ice Queen was petting her and covering her with warmth and love all over. Cake was as comfortable as ever with Ice Queen. But Cake caught a glimpse of yarn that Gunter was playing with. Cake then suddenly jumped and played with Gunter. Oh, boy! Cake was a happy-go-lucky cat!

'A month later'..

Ice Queen was playing yarn with her beloved cat, Cake. They were having so much fun with the penguins. Gunter, Ice Queen, Cake and all of the penguns had fun, until..

" Ice Queen! Hahahahahh! I see your having fun with a cat, eh?" Liofee, Fionna's villainous grandmother, said.

" Cake, stay behind me." Ice Queen said, " I'll never let you take her! Cake is mine! Find your own kitty to love rather than stealing others'!

" Oh. Is the Ice Queenie mad?" Liofee said, " Whatever makes you happy is mine!"

"Not everything!" Ice Queen shouted, "My penguins! We fight this battle for Cake! ATTACK!!!"

" Foolish Queen!" Liofee, against about a thousand penguins and an Ice Queen (raging one to be infact), only laughed and said, "You will never win against me!"

"My strongest move yet!" Ice Queen shouted, " Icenio Meteoria!"

"My strongest weapon yet!" Liofee said, " Demon's Bloody Sword!"

Total silence was experienced..

"Cake?" Ice Queen stood up, dying.

"Meow?" Cake replied.

"You be good now, okay?" Ice Queen then, kissed the forhead of her sweet Cake and said, " I love you."

And Ice Queen collapsed, with one sigle tear, dropped from her dying face.

"Good for that nasty, creepy, ugly Queen." Liofee said, "Now, you go with me."

Liofee then picked up Cake. Leaving the Ice Queen alone with Gunter beside her.


Cake had nothing to say. And went into Ice Queen's lap, hurt.

This is the end of Chapter 2.... Am I still your Kitty?