a fanfic based on a made up character

"Poots on Newts! Hahahahah!" Jake exclaimed; "Hey, Finny, wanna poot on that newt?"

"Yeah! But, I'm not going to that ocean," Finn said; "OCEAN WILL TOUCH ME NO MORE!"

"Okay, dude," Jake said; "No going to the ocean."


"What the-" Finn asked, surprised.

"Please, are you Mr. Finn?" A ninja said; "The Ninja Kingdom is under attack!"

"What?!" Finn exclaimed; "Ninjas are real!"

"Yes!" the ninja said; "And our Princess needs your help!"

"Cool!" Finn said; "Jake, you coming?"

"I'm still pooting on newts," Jake said; "But, we're talking about ninjas! I'm coming!"

"Radicle bro!" Finn said; "Now, ninja man, How do we go to your kingdom?"

"It's simple actually," ninja man said; "Just go around me and chant, "Transport me to your light!"

"Transport me to your light!" Finn and Jake yelled.

"Now say.." The ninja said; "BUTT, BUUT, BUTT!"

"Wait wha-" Finn said

"BUTT, BUTT, BUTT!" Jake screamed and suddenly...


"We're here!" the ninja said; "Master Finn, I wi-"


"Who are you!" A random ninja shouted; "Are you the enemy's minion?!"

"No, no!" Finn said, with a knife almost through his neck; "I'm Finn! Finn the human"

"Finn?" the ninja said; "Sorry, I was just worried about my people."

"Your people?" Finn said; "Are you the Princess? Why are you wearing a ninja suit?"

"Oh, no," the Princess said; "This is my battle outfit. Wait.."


Suddenly, a beautiful, golden-haired Princess with bright, yellow eyes wearing the most soft fabric of a battle dress.

"Ah, uh uh," Finn said, staring at the Princess;

"Finn, are you okay?" the Princess said; "I'm Lightning Princess. But often called the Unholy Ninja."

"Uhh, haaaah." Finn said, still glaring; " Oh! Sorry, that ninja dude sent us here. What do you need, Princess?"

"Oh, his name is Dagger Butler," Lightning Princess said; "We're under attack by..."

Know whos the enemy on the next Chapter!

End of Chapter 1 of...

Your Light