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Your Light —Chapter 2—

a fanfic based on a made up character

"is..... Ice King."

Was she kidding?!

"ICE KING?!" both Finn and Jake squealed. They couldn't beleive that the Ninja Kingdom was under threat by Ice King!

"Yes. He is a major threat to my people—the ninjas!" she exclaimed.

"Why is Ice King your evil villain? Can't you attack him? Your the Unholy Ninja for Glob's sake! You just need to beat him to a pulp!" Finn screamed, extremely confused.

"Finn, IT is hard to beat the Ice King if you're made out of Lightning," she explained. What's the matter with lightning and ice?


"Finn, ice is made out of water."



"Really?" Jake asked.

"Of course, ye—" she was cut off by Dagger Butler.

"Princess, a scroll from a mysterious bird made out of snow."

"Hm?" she was shocked. No one ever sent her a scroll yet.


Dear Hot-Blonde Princess,

I do not know what's your name. And I am sorry, but I love you so much! I am planning to kidnap you today. I am also sorry that I told you about it. I was too excited y'know?! Oh and after I marry you, would you like to name our daughter Hot-Blonde girly-thingy? I do so too! Good. I'll kidnap—I mean pick you up— on 3pm.


"Who could have sent it, Princess?" Finn and Jake asked while she face palmed.


"But the scroll said it wasn't hi—"


"Princess, remember your anger management? Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Good." and the Princess followed grumpily.

"Sorry, I'm just so frustrated y'know?"

"We understand, Princess."

"*sighs* Guys, I'm tired. I need to sleep, so, I'll see you tomorrow."

"But, Princess, Ice King will kidnap you at 3:00pm, it's already 2:14pm!"

"He's no threat. You told me that. Now, goodbye."

"Please, forgive the royal highness."

"We do, Dagger Butler."

"Finn, we just can't leave the ninjas alone! Also Lightning Princess, we can't make Ice King kidnap her!"

"You're right. Aha! I know! Let's guard the Ninja Kingdom!"

"You're right, Finn! I will not sleep or rest unti—" Jake said as he woozed of to a deep slumber.

"Dagger Butler, Jake and I shall guard the Kingdom."

"Yes, Sire."

"Come on, Jake."

To be continued

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