LSP is the Lumpy Space Princess.

I am just wondering...

Why do I barely see any people with LSP on their Top 3 Favorite characters?

LSP is pretty,adorable,funny,elegant,purple,cute,beautiful,lumpy.....There are many words to express her.

So people.....what's wrong with LSP? I've also seen some people with LSP NOT on their TOP 10 list of favorite characters..In my opinion,LSP needs more fan love!Look,Ice King hates LSP,for she is too loud and lumpy.But that is just HIS opinion.Even though she's loud and lumpy,she's a fine and appealing character.She was almost able to win a contest.She was able to show her generosity by giving her sandwiches.

LSP is cute,in my opinion.So people,I'm sure LSP will be very proud of herself once she sees herself

on your Top 10 list.

Lumpy space princess by libra-zebra on deviantart

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I made my signature purple,just like LSP! :DD