Chapter 1:Operation Break-up

Fionna PoV.

I stared out the window and sighed dreamily with my face resting on my cheek, I thought about my last reunion with Flame Prince yesterday and how surprisingly well it went:

About a month after FP almost completely demolished the Goblin Kingdom; he came back and found me, but…we met again at them weirdest time; we met again after one of PG's parties:

"Bye Gumball! The party was awesome! See you later!" I called behind my shoulder, he smiled back at me, "Bye Fionna!" he called back, "Later Fi!" I turned around and saw Marshall Lee floating away, I smiled, "See you Marsh!" I waved. As I was about to walk away I ran into something that felt like scorching hot coals, I jumped back surprised, "Oh! S-sorry I didn't see-!" I looked up and my eyes widened; it was Flame Prince, "F-Flame Prince…?" I stuttered, he looked at me surprised, "P-Princess Fionna?" he said, I stood up straight, "What are you doing here?" I asked. I hadn't seen him in a month and he comes back this suddenly? He stood up straight too and cleared his throat, "Actually, I came to talk to you…" he said.

"…So yeah…I just wanted to apologize about last month…I , um…have a bad temper." he said shrugging, "Yeah, Cake told me everything later…sorry about the mix up. I can understand why you were upset." I said.

Cake told me he was evil, then a month later he comes back to apologize? I can't see him as evil at all after he did this…Maybe he's changed.

"Uh…Fionna? You've been staring out the window since 8:00 this morning; it's almost 2:00!" Cake said, I jumped and stood up, "Oh my Glob! He'll be here any minute!" I cried, I ran to the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth, re-fixed my hair into my rabbit hat,and was about to change my clothes, "Cake! Which one looks better; this blue one or this one?" I held up two of the same blue shirts out of panic, "Uh, Fi…" "Oh whatever I'll keep what I have on! Gyaah!" I ran out of our room and flung the door right open to find Flame Prince at the door right on time. He looked as cute as ever; his flame Mohawk flickering like a candle and his golden eyes burned like embers. I blushed slightly at the sight of him, he looked as if he were about to knock on the door, "Princess Fionna?" he asked, I stood up straight and smiled at him, blushing slightly, "FP, I told you; just call me Fionna!" I said, he cleared his throat and laughed, "Didn't I tell you to call me Ignatius?" I smiled back, he offered his hand to me, "Shall we go?" he asked, I hesitated to take it, "Um…?" his hand radiated immense heat; I shuffled uneasily. He looked at me, "Oh…sorry about that." he lifted his hand and started to chant this weird spell and touched my forehead with his index finger, it hurt for a second, but the pain subsided and I couldn't feel his flame's heat; Flame Shield. I looked down at myself to see my whole body covered in a blue color, I smiled and he offered his hand again, "Now shall we?" he asked, I nodded and took his hand, it didn't hurt at all; I looked back at the door, "I'll be back later Cake!" I called behind my shoulder, and ran off with Ignatius. "Be careful Fionna!" she called behind me.

Marshall PoV.

Last Night….

Cake, Gumball and I were watching from behind the bushes, listening in on Flame Prince's and Fionna's conversation, "I just wanted to apologize…" I growled under my breath, "Who the heck does he think he is, messing with our girl!" I hissed. I turned to Gumball who was watching the conversation with an un-amused looked on his face, "Marshall, he's apologizing to her. There's nothing wrong with that. Besides; if he's Fionna's friend, then I have no problem with them-!" "You do know he's apologizing for smacking her and then burning her face right?" Cake chimed in.


"I'll claw his freaking eyes out! Let me at him! Let go of me Marshall!" "Shh! Shut up Pinky! They'll hear us! She'll be ticked if she finds us eavesdropping on her!" I said in a hissing whisper, grabbing his shirt collar, "Besides, you can't even tear a piece of paper limb from limb!" he scowled at me, "I'm not that helpless!" he snapped, "Both of you shut your traps! Or we're all dead!" Cake hissed, we both shut up and kept watching with contempt in our eyes, "So…are you busy tomorrow? Because I was wondering…well, if you wanted to…you know; go out?" We all stiffened, Gumball and I were both fuming in uncomfortable silence. Now we both wanted to shred him to bits, "I'm going to kill him…" we all growled menacingly, "Sure! What time?" Fionna replied, "How about 2:00 PM? I'm not doing anything then." "Sure thing!"

"Oh it's on…." Gumball and I said at the same time.

"It's time for 'Operation Break Up'." I said with an evil smirk wide enough to show my fangs, PG had the same smirk, which surprised me, I never thought he had the guts to make that face, "I couldn't say it any better." He laughed, "Same here." Cake replied. I laughed. He won't know what hit him….

"Let's get our girl back." I said, they all nodded in agreement. Or should I say; my girl. I smirked to myself.

Ha ha ha ha ha…..

Cake PoV.

"You guys ready?" I asked, I turned around and went back into the tree house to have Marshall and Gumball pop out of their hiding spots; which was behind the couch, "Ready as ever." Marshall said with a smirk, Gumball sighed, "As much as I want Fionna to be happy, I can't let her go out with that fireball." He grumbled, Marshall crossed his arms, "No turning back now Gum-butt." PG narrowed his eyes, "Don't call me that, please." He said, "Too bad." Great; right at the most important moment, "Alright guys; break it up. We need to find a way to break Fionna and FP up." They both looked at me, "Wait; you don't have a plan?" PG asked I crossed my arms, "No, I thought you did." "Wait. I've got one. But you're going to have to follow my lead." Marshall said, we turned our attention towards him, "So first off; Cake, where are they going?" he asked, "The strawberry fields." I said, he smirked evilly; it made my tail frizz out a little, "Bingo. That's all I needed to know." He said, he put his hood on and opened the door, "Follow me, this is gonna be great." He said, he flew out the door and we ran after him.