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Sapphire Princess Story

Okay,I'm gonna first tell you a few things for a while.Be sure to read this before reading the story.

-Sapphire Princess is MY fanmade character.You should ask me if you want to use her or something..

-That is NOT me!That's just my fanmade character.Doesn't mean I'll be part of the show..Unlike Rose,she will be Rose Princess herself,meaning Sapphire Princess will NOT be me,she will just be herself.

Let's begin the story..

Finn:"Hey Jake..Did you notice that shiny thing on the road?"

Jake:"Huh?What shiny thing?"

Finn:"Take a look here at the window."

Jake: *goes to the window* "Woah!It's cool!Let's go check it out!"

Finn:"I don't know,Jake,but uhh--"

Jake:"Come on Finn~" *cute puppy eyes*

Finn:"Fine.." *smiles slightly*


Jake: *runs to the shiny thing* "Dude!This is--Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!" *disappears*

Finn:"Jake?JAKE!!!" *walks to the shiny thing and picks it up* "I wonder what powers this possesses..

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" *disappears*

    • LATER ON**

Finn: *wakes up* "Ugh..What the--It's so blue in here!!"

Jake: "Finn!"

Finn:"Jake!We endeed up in the same place!"


Finn:"Where are we anyways?"

Jake:"It's blue everywhere!" *farts*

Finn:"Jake!!What the hey!"

Jake:"Sorry,I thought it was funny.."

???:"What was that I heard?"

Jake:"Oh no,oh no!Someone heard it!"



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