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Watching Time!

(starts in the tree house)

Jake:Finn....Finn!Wake up man!

Finn: -wakes up- Ugh....Not now Jake....

Jake:You need to look at this!


Jake:This is an old TV me and BMO found outside!

BMO:Let's see what we can do with it!

Finn:Shmow-zow!Let's get watching!


Finn:Hmmm...where's the switch?Oh,there it is... -presses the switch-

Jake:Nothing's showing,Finn.

Finn:What the stuff? -keeps pressing the switch-

Jake:Nothing's still-- Hold on Finn!

Finn:What? -looks at the TV screen- Woah!

TV: -screen keeps flashing-

Finn:Guess we should stay here and see what would happen..

Jake:Aww dude!I don't wanna stay here and waste time in front of the TV!

Finn:I think this has something special in it!!

TV:-shows a portal-

Jake:Woah!Let's go in it!

Finn:Jake,wait-- -hand gets pulled by Jake- Ahhh!


Finn:Where are we,Jake?

Jake:I have no idea!!

-they both see the Ice King-

Both:It's the Ice King!

Ice King: -wheezy voice- H-helllp...

Both:-runs toward the Ice King-

Jake:Woah dude...He's hurt pretty seriously..

Both:-sees Flame around-

Finn:Ice King,what is with this TV?

Ice King:I just saw it in front of my penguins.And went in...


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