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  • I live in Somewhere. You will find out, if you dig deeper in my profile page
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is Adventurer, Drawing AT,Editor, Student, (Rarely) Watching Cloud (which I call Cloud Watching)Watching Adventure time :D
  • I am a male
  • Prinzreiner

    King Gunther

    July 2, 2012 by Prinzreiner


    One day at the treehouse

    Finn: swooooooooosh bish! Woho my ultimate cheese sandwich is now complete! How about yours Jake?

    Jake: Ah perfecto a mini sky scraper sandwich! Lets consumed it dude!

    Finn: Yeah okay!

    When Finn and Jake is about to eat the sandwiches Ice King then fly by and steal the sandwiches

    Jake: Hey mister! I don't like your attitude!!

    Finn: Come back here bubble but

    Ice King: Hahahaha the sandwiches is mine!!

    Finn: Hurry Jake form into a hand glider!

    Jake: There, let's fly!!

    As Finn and Jake was chasing the Ice King the wind grew stronger. Finn Jake and Ice King fell but Ice King's crown fall into Gunther's head! While Finn and Jae feel back at the tree house in Finn's bed. So they both say "That was convinient!" Gunther'…

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  • Prinzreiner

    A Fiery Story

    April 23, 2012 by Prinzreiner

    Adventure Time presents:


    One day at the tree fort. "Scodowww!" Jake said as Finn back flip off out on the bridge. "Hey dude let's go adventuring!" Jake said. "Sure. But where we will go adventuring?" Finn said. "Gut sssaaaaaaiiiddddd. Forest!" Jake screamed. "Cool! I will just go and get my radical adventure pack" Finn replied. So they went out and go adventuring. "Dude watch this!" Jake said. "Spomowww!" Finn said as jake did a stunt. "Ok my turn" Finn said. But before he can do a stunt "Helppppp! Somebody pleaseee!" FP's voice echoed. "Dude FP is in trouble!" Finn said. "It's coming from thye beach dude!" Jake said. So they waiste no time. But a little bit time for Jake trip of in a big root. "Dude!" Finn said. "Sorry!" Jake replie…

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  • Prinzreiner

    Adventue Time presents:


    One day at the treefort. "Dude let's play Battle Bug 2!" Jake said "Wow! BMO downloaded it already?" Finn said "Yeah dude!" Jake shouted. "Ok I will just take a toothbrush. You should toothbrush too so your breathe don't smell like dog breathe! hahaha" Finn said "Ok" Jake replied. "There done" Jake said as he finished gurgling. "Jake" BMO said. "What is it BMO?" Jake said. "I was just wondering. You really love ice-cream" BMO said. "Ye..Yeah" Jake replied "I was just wondering what does ice-cream taste like" BMOsaid "Ice cream taste so sweet and delicious and sweet and..Delicious!" Jake shouted. "Yo Jake let's play!" Finn said. "Wait!" Jake shouted "What's the matter?" Finn replied. "I forgot something!" Jake …

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  • Prinzreiner

    The Lich

    April 11, 2012 by Prinzreiner

    Adventure Time presents:

    Over Powering Darkness

    One day at the tree fort. "Dude what should we do now?" Jake said to Finn "Let's go adventuring dog!!" Finn said actively. So they went first to the Evil Dark Forest. "Die you!!" A dark demonic wizard said as he launch a ray of dark beam at Finn. The beam directly hitted Finn but nothing happened "Whah

    that is weak dude" Finn shouted and he slashed the wizard and then it banished. "Dude! Are you ok?" Jake said with a worried tone. "Yeah man!" Said Finn, "Let's go home now" Jake said while looking into the clouds but then, "Tag your it!!" Finn said giggling. "Finn you buttchicken!!" Replied Jake. After 30 minutes of playing tag, they decided to go home. It is now morning, Friday at 6:30 am. "Finn…

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  • Prinzreiner
    (Fan Fiction)Adventure time presents:
    Pranker been Pranked
    One morning in the tree port. "Haaaaaaaa, morning Jake..Jake? Were the heck? Hmmmm. Maybe BMO know" So Finn went to find BMO but didn't find BMO. "What the heck!! Even BMO. I thinked their pranking me" Said Finn to himself. "I willbe patient as I can get"
    1 hour later.. "Haaaaaa!! Knock it off guys stop hiding!" Finn decided to go outside. But didn't find them. But then Finn heard someone gigling in the garrage. "Aha, I see you guys" He whispered to himself. "Pay back time, I will just to pretend that I've fall for it" So Finn waited for two days. "Jake I think we went to far" BMO said "Yeah let's reveal the prank to Finn and we will say, Hahaha got you It's just a pranked!" Jake said…
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