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A Fiery Story

Adventure Time presents:


One day at the tree fort. "Scodowww!" Jake said as Finn back flip off out on the bridge. "Hey dude let's go adventuring!" Jake said. "Sure. But where we will go adventuring?" Finn said. "Gut sssaaaaaaiiiddddd. Forest!" Jake screamed. "Cool! I will just go and get my radical adventure pack" Finn replied. So they went out and go adventuring. "Dude watch this!" Jake said. "Spomowww!" Finn said as jake did a stunt. "Ok my turn" Finn said. But before he can do a stunt "Helppppp! Somebody pleaseee!" FP's voice echoed. "Dude FP is in trouble!" Finn said. "It's coming from thye beach dude!" Jake said. So they waiste no time. But a little bit time for Jake trip of in a big root. "Dude!" Finn said. "Sorry!" Jake replied. Then they saw Fame Princess entangled in a serpent's tail and trying to get out. "Haaaa! Finn..Jake help!" FP said. "Yalalalalalalala" Finn said as he chopped the serpents tail. "Get ready serpent for a beating" Jake said as he enlarge his whole body. But the serpent then launched a pile of goo at Jake then fled. "Owww! Nooooooooooooo! This is not my day!" Jake said. "Hahaha! Hey FP are you okay?" Finn said. "Not really I have no home now" FP replied. "Wha...What how about the Fire Kingdom?" Finn said. "I don't like to be imprisoned in that stupid lamp ever again!" FP said. "Ohh I see" Finn said. "Can I live at your place?" FP said. "Uhhh.." Finn said but then Jake dragged Finn. "Yow dude she'll burn the house down!" Jake whispered. "Will ask help for PB" Finn replied. "Ok FP will ask help

for PB to make you not burn stuffs" Finn said. "PB?" FP said "Princess Bubblegum at the Cand Kingdom" Jake said. "Ohh" FP. So they went to Candy Kingdom. "Wait here FP Jake stay with her" Finn said. "Ok" Jake said. "Ummm hey PB" Finn said. "Oh! Hi there Finn so where's Jake?" PB said. "No time come with me!" Finn said. "OK FP this is PB.; PB this is FP" Finn said. "Hi" FP and PB said. "PB do you have something that will make fire not burn anything?" Finn said. "Ohh! I have one" PB said *clap* Peppermint Butler then go to PB holding a pillow with a necklace on top. "Ok here it is the neclace of the legendary hero Billy. He putted that necklace at the Fire Count so he will not be burned by it's fireballs. But the Fire Count manage to remove it. Then Billy desided to give it to me. "Wow here you go FP!" Finn said. "Ok try hitting Jake's butt while he still looking at that fly" Finn whispered. "Haha ok!" FP said then launched a fireball at Jake's but. "Awwww! Why did you do that. Mannn! My butt is all toasty! This is not my day!" Jake screamed. "PB it doesn't work" FP said. "Ohh sorry I forgot push the circle on top and it will work" PB said. "Ok now FP let's try holding hands" Finn said "Ok!" FP said and smiled. "Wow it worked" FP said as she hug Finn then kissed his cheeks then Finn blushes. But then PB look at them. "Ohhhh your jealous aren't you?" Jake said. "N...No I'm not!" PB said as she blush. "Nahh your jealous" Jake replied. "No" PB said. "Yeah you are" JHake said. "No I'm not PB replied. "Yeah you are" Jake said. "Ohh shush" PB said.

Another episode coming...

Adventure Time presents:

A Successful Move

12 midnight at the land of Ooo. "Jake" Finn said. "Yeah?" Jake replied. "Dude. I really want to be FP's boyfriend" Finn said as he blush and sweat. "Dude you got to tell her.I'll get some flowers in the morning and give it to FP ok?" Jake said as he giggles. "Thanks homey" Finn said. "Homies help homies" Jake said as he bro fisted Finn. "Hahaha"Finn laughed. "Dude FP might heard you you" Jake said. "Ohh yeah.Goodnight" Finn said. "Same to you dude" Jake said. 9:00 am in the morning. "Hey dude finally your awake. Heres's the flowers" Jake said. "Wait dude I'll just brush my teeth and powder my nose" Finn said. "Ok dude mae your self fancy" Jake said. 20 minitues of waiting. "Hey dude. Let's go outside. There she went at that tree go and talk to her ok?" Jake said. "On second thought I changed my mind" Finn said. "Then I'll tell evryone your embarrssing secret" Jake said. "Ok give me the flowers" Finn said.

"Ok dude go call me and tell the stats, I'll play BMO" Jake said. "Ok" Finn said. So Finn run towards the tree. "Hey FP!" Finn said. "Ohh hi Finn" FP replied. "So what did you come here?" FP said. "Umm. I wan't to give this..Flowers for you" Finn said as he blush. "Ohh. How sweet thankyou Finn" FP said as she blush and smiles. "FP I need to tell you something" Finn sadi as he began to sweat and blush some more. "What is it Finn" FP said as she take a smell at the flowers. "Ummm. Can....I.....I.....I" Finn said as his face becomes redder and redder. "Spit it out" FP said. "Can I...Be your.........B...Boyfriend!" Finn said as his face turn all red. "Sure I'll meet you here at 12:00 am tommorow. Today I'll sleep at the Fire Kingdom." FP said as she blush. Then Finn called Jake. "So waht's the stats?" Jake said. "She said sure and we will have a date at 12:00 am at this place!" Finn said. "BRRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBB" Jake said. "Uhhh Jake!" BMO said as he/she been showered by Jake's saliva.

Another episode coming...

Adventure time presents:

The three meets

One day at the tree fort. "Dude I just received a letter from Fionna and Cake. It said. "Dear guys were about to leave the land of Aaa. We will go bac there at 12:00 pm sharp. PS: There better be a delecious lunch or else!. Love~ Fionna and Cake" Jake said. "Ohh well finally FP will meet them" Finn said. "Meet who?" FP said as she climb down from the stairs. "Ohh goodmorning FP our friends will come back here from taking a visit in their homeland. They will be back at 12:00 pm sharp" Finn said. "Ohh. Can't wait to meet them" FP said. "Let's have breakfast" Finn said. "So what will you eat FP?" Jake said. "Ohh I'm not hungry Jake I'll just play BMO" FP replied "Ok suite yourself" Finn said. "How's your date" Jae whispered. "Awesome man she even kissed me" Finn replied as he blush. "I'm proud of you brother" Jake said. "Thanks brother" Finn replied. "Remeber I helped you with your date?" Jake said. "Ye..Yeah" Finn replied. "So you don't mind I ate your ice cream but not all of it" Jake said. "Jake! Haaaa It's good that Fire King don't imprison her anymore. But I'm not mad of you jake because I ate your whole pizza box!" Finn said. "What!" Jake replied. "I said your a handsome guy" Finn said. "It's almost 12:00 pm Let's cook some lunch.

So Finn, Jake and FP cooked scrambled eggs, shrimps, noodles and they have apple juice and hotdogs. "Hey" Fionna said. "Were back" Cae said. "Ohhh hi there Fionna and Cake come in". "Huh!? Finn whos that girl?" Fionna said. "Ohh it's Flame Princess FP for short" Finn said. "Ok FP meet Fionna and Cake Fionna Cake meet FP" Jake said "Nice to meet yah!" FP Fionna and Cake said. "Let's have some lunch" Finn said. "You eat coal FP?" Jake said "Yes" FP said. "Ohh heres a bowl of coal" Finn said. "Thanks. So they ate lunch and outside the tree fort was Phil screaming because again he is chase by a dragon. "It's adventure time!" Finn shouted.

Another episode coming...

Adventure Time presents:

The Day You Save My Life

One day at the tree fort. "Hey Jake. Where's FP?" Finn said. "Umm, I don't know.." Jake replied. "Ok dude let's go find her" Finn said. "Sure as long as I finished eating this ice cream" Jake said. "JAKEEE!!" Finn said. "Ok! Ok!" Jake said. So Finn went to East and Jake went to South. "Flame Princess! FP! Where are you FP??" Jake shouted. "Ohh man" A magician said. As he put a case for a viola and take a pee on a tree. "Wow! What a gorgeus and shiny viola case. Gotta get sneaky" Jake said as he stole the viola case and remove the magician's viola. "FP! FP! Where are you FP!" Finn shouted. "Ohh man where is she!??" Finn said. Then he heard a voice echoed from a deep creeck . So Finn rushed towards it.

Mean while...

"Ohh man this will look good in my viola! FP! FP! FP!" Jake shouted

Mean while...

"Huh, where's my case!!" the magician said

Mean while...

"Finn help!" FP said. "Wow FP. Here take my hand!" Finn said. "So why are you here?" Finn asked. "Because someone manipulated me and brought me here. Thank goodness you save my life" FP said. "Okay, I'll call Jake to go to the tree fort right now" Finn said. So Finn and FP went back to the tree fort. "Hey Finn" Jake said. "W..Where did you get that viola case" Finn said. "Uhh..mmm brrrbbbbbb. Oh I save a old lady and gave this to me!" Jake said. "You stole that" Finn said. "Yeah" Jake said. "Well Jake stealing is wrong return that to it's rightful owner" FP said. "Haaa..Okay" Jake said.

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