(Fan Fiction)Adventure time presents:
Pranker been Pranked
One morning in the tree port. "Haaaaaaaa, morning Jake..Jake? Were the heck? Hmmmm. Maybe BMO know" So Finn went to find BMO but didn't find BMO. "What the heck!! Even BMO. I thinked their pranking me" Said Finn to himself. "I willbe patient as I can get"
1 hour later.. "Haaaaaa!! Knock it off guys stop hiding!" Finn decided to go outside. But didn't find them. But then Finn heard someone gigling in the garrage. "Aha, I see you guys" He whispered to himself. "Pay back time, I will just to pretend that I've fall for it" So Finn waited for two days. "Jake I think we went to far" BMO said "Yeah let's reveal the prank to Finn and we will say, Hahaha got you It's just a pranked!" Jake said while giggiling.
So Jake and and BMO went to Finn's bed room at night, but then when BMO light up the candle they so Finn wearing his outfit as ussual but he is only bones with a dagger on his chest and his bedroom is covered with blood. "He's just prangking as back" Jake said. "I agree" BMO replied.
5 days later. "Is this the truth....Finn is.... Dead" Jake said crying. "Common Jake let's set up his funeral and call all of our friends. Several minutes later all of their friends came. "So Jake give's a prayer to Finn and everyone cried. But then "Jake you pranked me, by doing that to me you will come to me to the death world!!!!!!" Finn appeard wearing his ussual outfit but his chest is cover with blood. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Jake screamed like a girl. "Hahaha in your ugly face BMO and Jake I pranked you back... Hard core!" Finn said laughing "Whaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!" Jake and BMO said "All of our friends is part of the prank, and PB recorded it, Hahahaha you jake scream like a girl hahahaha" Finn said "Why you!" Jake and BMO said while everyone laughed.