One day at the treehouse

Finn: swooooooooosh bish! Woho my ultimate cheese sandwich is now complete! How about yours Jake?

Jake: Ah perfecto a mini sky scraper sandwich! Lets consumed it dude!

Finn: Yeah okay!

When Finn and Jake is about to eat the sandwiches Ice King then fly by and steal the sandwiches

Jake: Hey mister! I don't like your attitude!!

Finn: Come back here bubble but

Ice King: Hahahaha the sandwiches is mine!!

Finn: Hurry Jake form into a hand glider!

Jake: There, let's fly!!

As Finn and Jake was chasing the Ice King the wind grew stronger. Finn Jake and Ice King fell but Ice King's crown fall into Gunther's head! While Finn and Jae feel back at the tree house in Finn's bed. So they both say "That was convinient!" Gunther's eyes turn greyish blue and the white side of his/her body turn grey.

Gunther: Wenk Wenk Wenk!!!

Ice King: Hand it over sweety

Gunther: Wenk!

Ice King: Grrrr Gunther!!!!

Then Gunther launch a ice ray at the Ice King. But Ice King dodge it.

Ice King: Oh no!

Mean while...

Finn: I can't beleive Ice King get away with our sandwiches!

Jake: Yeah!

Then someone was knocking at the door

Finn: Jake.

Jake: Okay

Finn: Who is it?

Jake: What! Ice King!

Ice King: Wait wait! I need your help

Jake: What make more sandwiches?

Ice King: That would be nice..Oh wait Gunther's mind has been overcome by the crown!

Finn: What?! Well wahts the big deal anyway?

Ice King: If the beholder of the crown isn't smart enough to control it, the crown can overcome the mind and cast havoc to the Land of Ooo!

Jake: Come on Finn let's go!

Finn: Okay!

As the go to the Ice Kingdom they encountered Gunther luanching ice rays everywhere

Jake: Wow! Gunther is completely bonkerz!

Finn: Woah! Gunther almost hit me

Ice King hurry the crown!

Then gunther formed a very big ice golem and ride it in the head

Jake: What the! It's a giant dude!

Ice King: Hurry!

Finn: Jake double pick mode!

Jake: On it!

Then Jake turned into two picks and Finn quickly climbed up the golems body

Finn: Awww something stinks!

Jake: Hehehehe sorry I farted

Finn: Awww sick!

Ice King: Go ice arrow!

Ice King launched a ice arrow but it missed, instead it hits one of his penguins

Ice King:Oh boy, ice arrow go!

Ice ing laucnhed again but it hitted his foot

Finn: Gunther tasate this!

Finn then smack Gunther and the crown fell causing the golem to collapse. Finn and Jake landed safetly while Gunther landed on a mud puddle. Gunther then went to ice and hugged him

Ice King: Gunther.......I just washed my clothes!!!

Finn: Man what a icy battle

Jake: Dude, let's go eat pizza