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                                                                 Over Powering Darkness

One day at the tree fort. "Dude what should we do now?" Jake said to Finn "Let's go adventuring dog!!" Finn said actively. So they went first to the Evil Dark Forest. "Die you!!" A dark demonic wizard said as he launch a ray of dark beam at Finn. The beam directly hitted Finn but nothing happened "Whah

that is weak dude" Finn shouted and he slashed the wizard and then it banished. "Dude! Are you ok?" Jake said with a worried tone. "Yeah man!" Said Finn, "Let's go home now" Jake said while looking into the clouds but then, "Tag your it!!" Finn said giggling. "Finn you buttchicken!!" Replied Jake. After 30 minutes of playing tag, they decided to go home. It is now morning, Friday at 6:30 am. "Finn are you awake?" Jake said, but Finn didn't respond, suddenly Finn get out of bed and went outside. "Dude where are you going?" . Finn then raise his hand then open his palm, suddenly a black flame appeared on his hand and then throw it to Jake, but Jake dodge "Wow!!.....You..... Your not Finn!!" "Stay out of my way dog!" Finn said, suddenly jake looked at Finn's eyes. "L...l....l....Lich!!" Said Jake with a scared tone. "You are a smart dog!..But..TIME TO DIEEE!!!" Said the Lich. He raised his both hands then generates a dark ball with violet electricity around it then throw it to Jake. "Nooooooooooooo!!!!!" Jake shouted

To be continued...

Adventure Time presents:

The Beginning of the End

"Noooooooo!!!!" Jake screamed. But luckly Jake dodge it, but it destroyed their house. Then the Lich banished "Finn...." Jake whispered. "Oh no!BMO" Jake said as he saw BMO in a pile of woods "Are you okay BMO?" Jake said "Y.....Yes..Jake" BMO replied. "Don't worry BMO we will fix you as soon as we defeat LIch. I will ask help to the Candy Kingdom stay here okay?" Jake said. So Jake rushes to the Candy Kingdom....But he was too late he saw black smokes coming from the Candy Kingdom so he entered. He saw everyone and their still ok "PB Finn has been possesed by the Lich . Do you know how to defeat him?" Jake said "....So.....You will hurt master Lich!!!.. Get Him!!" PB shouted "WHHHAAAATTT!!!" Jake shouted. "Yielo ke was alas!" A mysterious voice said as it launcehs freezing water into the candy people "Run.Jake run!" It said. The mysterious voice said. They run and stayed in a cave. "Who are you and how did you know my name?" Jake asked as he look outside of the cave. "Jake...I'am Joshua" Joshua said as he hugged Jake

Too be continued...

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Glittering Hope

"Dad..Is that you?" Jake asked "Who else could it be you chubby dog!" Joshua replied. "So where is mom?" Jake said. "Your mom went out to find food and items that are needed to craft the holy gun" Joshua replied. "Ohh. By the way are you guys.....Dead?" Jake said. "Yes but Glob detected Lich is getting more powerful, so he sent us here to help...Where is Finn?" Joshua replied. "Finn...He has been possesed by the Lich" Jake said with one tear dropped in his left eye. "I see" Joshua said. "Honey I'am back..Ohh Jake we miss you so much and...Finn.. were is Finn?" Maragaret said. "Honey...He has been possesed by the Lich" Joshua said. "Ohhh Finn!!" Margaret said while crying. "Don't worry mom we will save Finn!" Jake said. "Ohh by the way (sniff) I brought fish" Margaret said. "Ohh great!Now put it there honey. Es desa fuego!" Joshua said as he launches a weak flame towards the fish and they beggan to eat. "Jake do you have a.. Girlfriend now?" Margaret said "Ohh yes her name is..Oh no I need to check Lady!" Jake said as he began to panic. "Jake calm down. All of the creatures living in the Land of Ooo is now in the control of the Lich except the Fire Kingdom and us. Luckly we have a holy gun!" Joshua said

Too be continued...

Adventure Time presents:

The Shocked Saviors

"What!?" Jake said with a very worried tone. "How can we save them dad?" "By using the holy gun Jake" Joshua replied "Well how to use it dad" Jake replied "Haaa! Jake just aim and fire!" Joshua replied "Ohh" Jake whispered. "Jake we will now go to the Fire Kingdom to get the last item we need and that is 2 fire rubys" Margaret said while pacing up things in a bag "Let's go chump" Joshua said. But then they saw Ice King floating then he saw them "Hi you guys where are you going?" Ice King said "Why are you not in the control of the Lich. "Hmmm" Ice King said. (Flash Back) "Why arte you not still in my control I shot you like 15 times!. Ohh well I will control the penguins instead" Lich said "Gunter run now!" Ice King shouted "All of you run!" Ice King shouted one more time. "Quack! Qack!" Gunter shouted as the penguins beat up Ice ing and throw him out of the kingdom. (End of the Flash Back) "I think this Princess Bubblegum's necklace that I stole" Ice King said "Will you help us save the the Land of Ooo" Margaret said "Sure why not!" Ice King said. So they immediantly went to Fire Kingdom "Wait. Flambo!.Flambo!" Jake shouted "Yes Jake?" Flambo said "Will you cast flame shields on us" Jake asked "Sure!...It is done!" Flambo said "Sire we have visitors a flam gaurd said "Why are you here buffoon! My daughter is missing were is she!" Flame King said angrily. "Calm down your higness you daughter might be now in the controll of Lich" Joshua said "We need 2 fire rubies inorder to save your daughter and the the Land of Ooo" Margaret explained "Ok here" Fire King said. "Guys let's go now" Ice ing said. But suddenly the 2 rubies turned into a flaming cage. "What is the meaning of this!" Jake shouted. "Master Lich will be happy!" Flame King said

Too be continued...

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Time to Move

"Oh no!, the flame shields will were-off any second!" Jake said. "Don't worry. Victus estus aquarius!" Margaret said as a giant cold geyser spouts up Jake and the rest of them into the sky. "Don't worry, my snow will break our fall!" Ice King said as he produced bundle of snow into the ground. Suddenly FP appeared infront of Jake and the others"You can't escape that easily..Master Lich will be happy if we caught you all!!" Flame Princess aid as shge turn into her monster form. "Take this" FP said as she launcehs multiple fireballs at them. Luckly the dodge all of the fireballs."Take this" FP said as she lauchens rays of fire with lava at Jake. "Jake keep distracting her" Margaret shouted "Ok but hurry up my but is on the line and my life to!!" Jake replied. "Ok here we go. Victus kascus startus!" Margaret shouted and piles of clouds began to appear at the skies. "Now Ice King keep freezing the ground" Joshua shouted "Ok" Ice King replied. "Eltas kioth flariurs!" Joshua shouted as he launches a very hot flames towards the ice.The ice melted and began to evaporate and the clouds became darker and darker the it rains heavily. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" FP screamed as she beagn to shirnk and reached her normal size. Jake carried FP out of the rain and put her right infront of the Fire Kingdom. "Sorry FP..Even though you burned my but" Jake whispered. "Hey Jake how about I freeze your buttocks so it can cool?" Ice ing said while gigling "You can just use ice winds" Jake replied "Ok here" Ice King said "Ohhh Yeahhhhhh!" Jake said. So Jake and the rest of them went to the cave again. "Yess! Finally the holy gun is done!" Joshua said. "Now it's time to move and go save Finn" Margaret said.

Too be continued...

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The Sacrifice Of The Guardians

"Now the spell is almost complete. The world will trembell before me!! Hahahaha!" The Lich said. Back in the cave "Soo.. Hmmm. Oh! The Lich should be in the grasslands. Hmmm! At the tree fort!" Joshua said. "So how do you know that?" Ice King said as he scratches his arm pit and smells it "Gross" Jake whispered "By psycic telepathy" Joshua replied. "His power is too great that can destroy not only the Land of Oo but the entire world!" Margaret said "Ok. Herious scatus". Suddenly wings emerges at them. "Awesome" Jake said "Wow" Ice King said. "Let's fly" Joshua said. "Hahaha I'm first to take off.Ouchh!" Jake said as the edge of the cave hitted his head. "Hahahaha!" Ice King said. So they fly as fast as they can until they reached the tree fort. "Finn!". Jake shouted. "Huh! You disturb me come to me my minions! "Suddenly all of the people in tyhe Candy Kingdom, Fire Kingdom and Goblin Kingdom rushed towards to Jake and the rest of them. "Margaret.Now!" Joshua shouted "Ok" Margaret said as she throw a little violet box in the ground and suddenly it turned into a radar this. "Set it to max!" Joshua said. "Ok" Margaret replied. "Ready!" Margaret shouted "Here goes nothing!" Joshua said as he fires the holygun directly at the radar dish.Suddenly a bright light covered the whole grasslands and hitted all of the hypnotized people and become unconsious and free'd from the OLich's spell. "Haaaa!" The Lich shouted as he launched a green ray with black cosmo energy swirling on it. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Margaret shouted as she blocked the attack with a barrier but the barrier breaks and directly hitted Margaret. "Mom!Mom!Mom!" Jake said as he cries. "J...J....Jake...Be care...Ful....Take this" Margaret said as she hand over 2 pendants at Jake and she began to vanishedwith white light swirling on her. "Honey!" Joshua shouted "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! No more mercy!!!" Lich shouted "Hiso syurah hera" Lich said as he keeps chanting magical words "....No.This can't be. He will destroy the Grasslands! Holias esta anghel hiyas desbas" Joshua chants "There!.Dark Pulsar!" Lich shouted "Angels Shield!" Joshua shouted a bright white light covered the whole Grasslands and protected all of the living except him and then folowed by a black with green and iolet electricty with dark blue aura covere the Grasslands. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"Joshua shouted. "Dad! Noo" "Jake....Here is the holy gun....B....Bye Jake" Joshua said as he began to vani9shed and then a white light swirls on him. "Hehehehe you two weaklings are left!" Lich said "Who you calling a weakling" Ice King shouted "Take that" Lich launches a energy ball at Jake but Ice ing block it with a tripple layered ice dome, but the dome easily breaks and hitted Ice King. "Jake...Save.......Gunter....a.....nd.....Ooo" Ice King said as he become unconsious. "Now you are the only one who left" Lich said as he generates an even more powerful energy ball.

Too be continued...

Last Chapter:

Adventure Time presents:

The Hero

"Finn your not like this" Jake shouted. "I'm not Finn dog!" Lich replied as he generates more energy. "You are a kind hearted boy!" Jake shouted "Haaaa!" Lich shouted as he generates even more energy. "You are a hero, and you will not let lives be wasted. You are a brave hero and pure of heart Finn! How could you do this you killed mom and dad and you will kill more. Billions of lives!!!" Jake shouted as tears dropped from his eyes to the ground. "Grrrrrr! Take this" Lich said, but suddenly the energy ball disappears and then A white sparkles can be seen in Finn's body. "No!No!No! Get out of my body Lich!" Finn sreamed "Finn.... "Jake now the holy gun" Joshua's voiced echoed "Ok here goes nothing" Jake shouted as he fired and directly hitted Finn then suddenly a very bright white light covered Finn's body. "Yes finally!" Finn shouted "*Cough* Don't celebrate yet! I still have powers!" Lich said as he launched multiple energyballs at Finn and Jake "Jake click the button on the yellow pendant" Margaret's voice echoed. "Ok..!Wow!" Jake said as the pendant became a golden shield. "Hahahaha!" Jake said as the energybals bounce of and hitted Lich. "Now Jake give the blue pendant to Finn" Joshua's voice echoed. "Here dude" Jake said "Thank you dude" Finn replied "Now Finn click the button on the pendant" Maragaret's voice echoed. "Ok.Wow Cow Chow!" Finn said as the pendant became a shing sword. "Finn Jake I'll give you my blessing so you will defeat Lich fastly" A voice said. "Finn, Jake that is Glob" Margaret and Joshua's voice echoed. "Wow!" Finn and Jake said as the shield became a shining white with a cruz at the middle and the sword becam shining white as well and the blade beacame a cruz. "Hiyahhh!" Finn said as he charges "Pathetic!" Lich said as he toss off Finn with a very strong gravity. "Don't worry dude I will block the attacks" Jake shouted "Enough games!" Lich said as he launched 4 big energy ball. "Hahhhh!" Jake shouted as he blocked the energyballs. "Finn now!" Jake shouted "Ok!" Finn replied as he stabbed Lich in the stomach. "Grrrrr!" Lich said as he launced a beam of blac-violet pulasar. "Wow!" Finn said as he almost been hitted by the pulsar. "Finn now srucked the sword into the ground and chant the spell!" Glob's voice echoed . "OK!" Finn's voice echoed "Jake keep protecting Finn" Joshua and Margaret's voice echoed. "Got it" Jake said "Hiyahhh! I won't let you Lich said as he lauched many pulasars and energyballs at them "Istakata huwess diasas elo thero es spasta luke ira.. Holy strike!" Finn shouted as the sword glow and a angel swirl on it and the sword shines brightly and stabbed Lich into the head causing Lich to explode and a green aura covered the whole Land of Ooo. "And all of the livngs awakened in the eternal slumber. "I can't do this without you and Glob" Finn and Jake said. So everyone was happy living. And PB ordered the candy citizens to build a giant statue of Finn and Jake and Joshua and Margaret. And Glob. "This is not the end.....Finn.Be prepare" The same demonic wizard from the beggining said.

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