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One day at the treefort. "Dude let's play Battle Bug 2!" Jake said "Wow! BMO downloaded it already?" Finn said "Yeah dude!" Jake shouted. "Ok I will just take a toothbrush. You should toothbrush too so your breathe don't smell like dog breathe! hahaha" Finn said "Ok" Jake replied. "There done" Jake said as he finished gurgling. "Jake" BMO said. "What is it BMO?" Jake said. "I was just wondering. You really love ice-cream" BMO said. "Ye..Yeah" Jake replied "I was just wondering what does ice-cream taste like" BMOsaid "Ice cream taste so sweet and delicious and sweet and..Delicious!" Jake shouted. "Yo Jake let's play!" Finn said. "Wait!" Jake shouted "What's the matter?" Finn replied. "I forgot something!" Jake said. "Then what is it?" Finn replied "Ice Cream!" Jake shouted. "Hmmmm this place look's just like our house. Hello! Hello someone living here?" A girl's voice shouted. "Let's play dude!" Jake shouted. Jake formed his hand as a scoop and keep eating ice cream. "Finn you buttchicken!" Jake said as the bucket full of ice cream spilled. "Quit calling me that. You had called me that for 3 times!.And look there is a rock someone threw it" Finn said. "Dude here's your sword" Jake whispered to Finn. "Ok what do you wan't." Finn said. "Hi! Were" But here sentence is been cut and Jake immediantly said. "Why did you throw rock at our window!" Jakae shouted. "I'm really sorry about that Cake did it. We were shouting hello and is somebody home? By the way I'm Fionna and this is Cake" Fionna said. "Wait a second" Finn said "Dude look at her" Finn whispered. "So?" Jake whispered back. "She's a human" Finn whispered. "Maybe she's a Fish Person!" Jake whispered. "So...Fionna and Cake we are Finn and Jake" Finn said. "Nice to meet you Finn and Jake" Cake said. "Fionna.....Are you a Hyooman?" Finn said. "Yes I'ama human" Fionna repl;ied. "So your a Fish Person!" Jake said. "Don't you call her like that!" Cake said as she pounces at Jake. "Help! Help! Kitty gone mad!" Jake shouted. "Cake stop it!" Fionna shouted. "So Fionna are you a human for real?" Finn said. "Yeah I'm the only human left" Fionna said ".....Fionna..." Finn said as he put his hand through her hat and try to find out. "F...Finn" Fionna said as she blushed. "Fionna you are a human!" Finn shouted. "Kinda lonely of being the last human. So I wen't here in the Land of Ooo, maybe I will find a human" Fionna said. "His infront of you" Finn said. "...Your a human!?" Fionna shouted. "Yes!" Finn replied.

Too be continued...

Adventure Time presents:

New Room Mate

"That's great!" Fionna said "Yeah!" Finn replied. "So were do you guys live?" Jake said. "From the Land of Aaa. But we leave and go here" Cake said "Were adventurers" Fionna said. "Dude were adventurers too!" Finn said. "W.....We.....We....We" Fionna said blushing. "Spit it out!" Jake said. "We were just traveling but. Can we live here in your treefort. Fionna said. "N....." Jake said but Finn immediantly put his hand in his mouth. "Dude" Finn whispered. "No way man" Jake whispered back. "Jake. She's a human, I'll get lonely again and eat all of your ice-cream" Finn whispered "Ok" Jake whispered back. "Ok!" Finn shouted. "Really?" Fionna said. "Yes" Finn said.Then suddenly Fionna hugged Finn. Then Finn blushed. "Ohhhhhhh" Jake and Cake said. "Cut it out Jake" Finn said. "Ok let's go in!" Jake said. "So where do we sleep?" Cake asked. "Hmmmm. Let's build you guys a bed!" Finn said. "Here's the axe!" Jake said. So they beggan chopping wood. "Cake do you have powers?" Jake said. Then Cake strecth her hands then touched Jake's jowels. "Wowph!" Jake said. Then Jake and Cake made them self big and carried the woods. "Jake where's the rope?" Finn said. "Here dude. 3 hours later. "Finished!" Finn and Jake shouted. "Here you go. We made Lemonade and sandwiches!" Fionna and Cake said. "Cool!" Finn said "Math!" Jake said. "Help!Help!" A voice shouted. "Holy cow let's go!" Finn said. They saw a dragon chasing Phil. Then they killed the dragon. "Thanks guys! Who's the new members?" Phil said. "Ohh it's Fionna and Cake!" Jake said. "Awesome, is she a human?" Phil said "Yeah" Finn said "Wow" Phil said "Here take this dagger as my reward!"Phil said. "Wow! Awesome!" Finn said. "Ok guys need to go pick some apples!" Phhil said. "Let's play BMO" Jake said.

Too be continued...

Adventure Time presents:

Decision Making

"Wow you have Bug Battle 2?" Cake said. "Yeah yo!" Jake said "Awesome!" Cake replied. "We decided to live here for just 2 weeks" Fionna said. "Just two weeks?" Finn said. "Yeah" Cake replied. "O let's beggin!" Jake shouted. "Ohh man only 1 live" Finn said. "Hahaha still 5" But then the boss spews the large electrical web that zaaped players and drain all their life. "Ohh what!" Jake said as his life been drained. "Wow It's 12 o'clock guys need to sleep" Finn said. 7:am in the morning. "Good morning Jake" Finn said "Good morning pal" Jake said. "Good morning Fionna and Cake" Finn said. "Good morning they both said. "Here I made some omelet" Jake said. "Here's the coffee" Cake said. "Ahhh let's go adventuring" inn said. "Yeah llet's go!" Finna said. "Finn we suppose to take them atour in the Candy Kingdom" Jake said "Ohh yeah!" Finn said. "Let's go" Cake said. Asthey approach the Candy Kingdom they immidantly went top PB's room "Hello there Finn" PB said. "Hi princess this are my new friends Fionna the human and Cake the cat" Finn said "So you finally found another human for that we will throw a party!" PB said. "Skodow!" Finn and Jake said "We are all about parties!" Fionna and Cake said. "Wow! This party is so crazy" Fionna said. 15 hours later. "Wow! Land of Ooo rocks!" Cake said. "Cake" Fionna whispered. "Ok" Cake said . "Finn and Jake we decided we will stay here...FOREVER!" Fionna and Cake said. "Holy cow!" Finn said.

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