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    January 7, 2013 by Pyroblaze647

    (Intro)*  Verse1:Come on to Whateversville, it is fun, palyin' with machine guns! If you re-e-fuse to come, then you will quickly be shot! (repeat tune) Verse2:There are so many pepole here, lookin' at eachother's rears! If you do not like our ways, to the slaughterhouse with you! (reapat tune) Verse3:We educate our our childeren right, with long walks in the cold night! They have so much fun all night,that none come back alive! (reapeat tune) Verse4: So come on to Whateversville, fun and death ev-e-ry-where, why am I e-ven writing this, go read some other blog!

    • (To the tune of "Mary had a Little Lamb)

    How do you like my nice song!!! ( If you are sensing a hint of sarcasm, correct you are correct)

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  • Pyroblaze647

    I keep making really good blog posts, but no one is commenting about them. How come?

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  • Pyroblaze647

    Okay, so you read the title. Our subject is... *drumroll* my second blog post (uncalled that i should have to reapeat myselef ) Do PB and flame princess hate eachother. I would vote no, i'm sure that flame princess thinks poorly of princess bubblegum due to her locking her up in that lanter, but i'm not sure FP understands that  butprincess bubblegum locked her up for the good of Ooo, so she still thinks of PB as a "bad guy". But princess bubblegum never confessed that she hated FP, but i have to admit that i think she might she might be the slightest bit jealous of flame princess, and her jealousy could grow larger in the future. 

    But that is my opinion. I shall not critisize one of your opinion, and i wish for you to do the same, but plea…

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  • Pyroblaze647

    I know this is way off topic and has nothing to do with AT but...

     The French and Indian war (1754-1763) was the fight for the Ohio River Valley. It was the French and the Indians vs. the American Colonists and the British. The Ohio River Valley belonged to the Indians when the Colonists arrived. Soon, the Colonists found out about it and wanted it for themselves. The Indians refused to give it over to them, though. The Colonists knew that they could not defeat the Indians (who had now teamed up with the French) alone, so they asked the King of England to send a band of troops to fight the French and Indians. At first, the King refused, but after days of angry letters from the colonies, the King finally agreed to give troops to assist the C…

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  • Pyroblaze647

    Simon Petrikov vs.young Marcy?

    The Lich vs. Hunson Abadeer?

    Ice Queen vs. Flame Princess

    Flame King vs. Fire Count?

    Finn vs. Ricardio 2.0 (by that I mean in his man body/form) ?

    LSP vs. Melissa?

    Glob vs. Magic Man?

    And finally...........The big one...........Abe Linchon vs. Death. Label in the comments 1 for Simon vs. Young Marcy, and then add who would win. EXAMPLE: 1 Young Marcy. Yeah, you get the idea.


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