So, after i watched Finn the human, i realized somthing. The Ice King is the most important charschter in AT!

Most people think of the ice king as a lonely, blue, princess kidnapping ice wizard(now, basiclly that's true, but this was before the GMW.)

My theory is that without Simon Petrivok Preventing that nuke, The GMW would have started early, finn's parents would have never have met( they probably would be dead, anyway) Meaning Finn would never have been born, causing the following to happen:

  • Finn would have never met FP(good for some & bad for some)
  • No one would slaughter th monster and threats of Ooo, causing extreme chaos
  • Finn and jake would never meet, which means no adventures
  • We would'nt have this awesome wiki
  • And most of all, no AT!

Sothink of Ice king as the sicko he is, but think as Simon Petrivok as a hero.