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The French and Indian War

I know this is way off topic and has nothing to do with AT but...

 The French and Indian war (1754-1763) was the fight for the Ohio River Valley. It was the French and the Indians vs. the American Colonists and the British. The Ohio River Valley belonged to the Indians when the Colonists arrived. Soon, the Colonists found out about it and wanted it for themselves. The Indians refused to give it over to them, though. The Colonists knew that they could not defeat the Indians (who had now teamed up with the French) alone, so they asked the King of England to send a band of troops to fight the French and Indians. At first, the King refused, but after days of angry letters from the colonies, the King finally agreed to give troops to assist the Colonists in battle. After years of fighting, the Colonists and the British won the fight and took the Ohio River Valley. But the King refused to allow the Colonists to take control of the land. So, as a result, the French take control of the Ohio River Valley and the Colonists own the rest of the country.