Okay, so you read the title. Our subject is... *drumroll* my second blog post (uncalled that i should have to reapeat myselef ) Do PB and flame princess hate eachother. I would vote no, i'm sure that flame princess thinks poorly of princess bubblegum due to her locking her up in that lanter, but i'm not sure FP understands that  butprincess bubblegum locked her up for the good of Ooo, so she still thinks of PB as a "bad guy". But princess bubblegum never confessed that she hated FP, but i have to admit that i think she might she might be the slightest bit jealous of flame princess, and her jealousy could grow larger in the future. 

But that is my opinion. I shall not critisize one of your opinion, and i wish for you to do the same, but please..VOTE! And while you vote, remember...OPINIONS ARE OPINIONS!!!

P.S. There are some links in the post above, I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY GOT THERE!!! PAY NO AATENEION TO THEM!