Let me just say I Hate fan ficton it all happened on a warm summer afternoon.... (dramatic flashback!) Before I knew about the AT wiki, I watched a video on youtube about futre AT eps. Once I heard just the name of Igniton Point, I knew FP was going to be in it. I really liked FP (I always had) so i wanted to find out more about the episode. So i googled "Igniton Point". Then, darkness fell upon the earth. I found a link saying that it was about Igniton Point, so i did what anyone else would do, click on it. It was loaded with fan ficonal junk, but i did'nt realize it. Just before i closed the link, i saw a couple of words at the top which read "fan ficton".

Eight hours later, i went to bed thinking about what i had read i just remembered that "ficton" meant not real, and if you added "fan" to ficton it meant fake stuff that fans wrote. Then, i vowed to never like or go on Wattpad ( the name of the fan ficton website.) ever again.