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(Intro)*  Verse1:Come on to Whateversville, it is fun, palyin' with machine guns! If you re-e-fuse to come, then you will quickly be shot! (repeat tune) Verse2:There are so many pepole here, lookin' at eachother's rears! If you do not like our ways, to the slaughterhouse with you! (reapat tune) Verse3:We educate our our childeren right, with long walks in the cold night! They have so much fun all night,that none come back alive! (reapeat tune) Verse4: So come on to Whateversville, fun and death ev-e-ry-where, why am I e-ven writing this, go read some other blog!

  • (To the tune of "Mary had a Little Lamb)

How do you like my nice song!!! ( If you are sensing a hint of sarcasm, correct you are correct)

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