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    Hello to the readers and welcome. Last night I was restless and thought of making this blog. As we have all witnessed the episode "Betty", it was quite touching and heartbreaking at the same time. (Yeah, it's bittersweet.)

    Well, other than just the reactions, it somewhat felt familiar that ring a bell. I felt that the episode ended like 2 years ago in Incendium where Flame Princess left Finn with their relationship intact. That "new beginning" had also a "new end", that someday Simon and Betty's love might fail (possibly worse than that of Finn and FP's). Love can have it's twists and turns. Yeah, but how?

    No offense, but Betty kinda reminds me of FP. She's like a recurring character and might be a soon-to-be main character of AT. But that i…

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  • RGL Victor The Great

    Anyone got their reactions and opinions about the episode?

    Cuz that episode was awesome! And some new mysteries to be explained and solved.

    Needs explanation Things that wonders me
    Where was he of all this time?
    Got honed?
    Where and how did they get that?
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    After mah bro have watched the episode he went laughing and telling me about it over and over again, let's say he became the The Annoying Orange. Lolz

    Well anyways, my reaction to the episode went to shock and disbelief. But after that, I just have to accept it. It's no use denying it.

    I'm not this guy, :P

    Feel free to post and show your reactions on comments.

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    Blog renamed from Possible Kissing seen on Burning Low

    As we know, a kissing seen is possible in this episode. Unlike Hot to the Touch, in the original storyboards, Flame Princess was supposed to kiss Finn. Then they (The Crew) decided to make them hug. The idea of kissing seen on Burning Low might make up for Hot to the Touch episode. However, we still don't know if the preview was a kissing seen of Finn and FP, but who know this might be it. I'm so excited, can't wait for it. Naah, I'll keep the patience and wait. Well anyhow, just hope that this won't epic fail like on the last part of Ricardio the Heart Guy.

    Remember Jake said:

    Stair 1: Hugs

    Stair 2: Smooching

    Stair 5: She'll let you discover all fifteen feet of her loong, beautiful stomach…

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