RGL Blog 4 n1

Hello to the readers and welcome. Last night I was restless and thought of making this blog. As we have all witnessed the episode "Betty", it was quite touching and heartbreaking at the same time. (Yeah, it's bittersweet.)

RGL Blog 4 n2

Well, other than just the reactions, it somewhat felt familiar that ring a bell. I felt that the episode ended like 2 years ago in Incendium where Flame Princess left Finn with their relationship intact. That "new beginning" had also a "new end", that someday Simon and Betty's love might fail (possibly worse than that of Finn and FP's). Love can have it's twists and turns. Yeah, but how?

RGL Blog 4 n3

No offense, but Betty kinda reminds me of FP. She's like a recurring character and might be a soon-to-be main character of AT. But that is not for me to make such a claim. Yeah try to bust it or get confirmation about her. It's just that the way I think of her, it's like I want to think more and more that I can't drop the thought.

RGL Blog 4 n4

What I'm trying to say is that this "old and new" relationship might be like a "Finn and FP 2". (I'm just saying, don't take it seriously). Yeah if it's true prove it, if it's false bust it. I just hope Betty comes back and reappear sooner or later and I don't expect it to be an episode away. I might get more of this feeling than thinking. That is all. [Too much excitement and getting nervous]

P.S. BTW I've got a (bad, odd, familiar) feeling about this with no reason at all.