Ohai der, RD here with another fanfic. This is A Wanted Woman, similar to LittleGhostPranker's "If Princess Bubblegum Died:A Fanfiction" blog. Well, Ice King's fanfic is true on this blog post,

Fionna runs to Marshall Lee's baby blue house, which locates in a cave, just like Marceline's light pink house. Fionna starts yelling. "MARSHALL LEEEEE!!!! I'VE GOT NEWS!!!" Fionna hollers out. Cake streches her body to open the door, then gasps. Fionna asks what happened. "Cake, what wrong? Marshall Lee's not there?" Fionna asks. Cake replies, "Oh he's gone. Literally. He IS gone."

Fionna runs in the house, and gasps. Fionna sees Marshall Lee laying on the floor of the middle of the room, in a bed of blood. "MARSHALL LEE! Oh no, this is bad, this is totally bad!" says Fionna. Cake then jumps in, saying,"What should we do? I'm thinking that we should check in with Gumball. I'll tell him to brng over the C.I.A., which stands for Candy Investigation Agency...according to the Candy Kingdom." "That's a great idea! Cake, bring me the phone. I'll talk this over with Gumball, in my DRAMATIC voice. Seriously, I'm not kidding around. This is a serious moment. Marshall Lee's dead, and I need to contact Gumball." Fionna says, excessively staring at Cake. Cake replies, "Uhhh..okay?" Cake hands over Fionna her phone, and Fionna enters the Contacts List, looking for Prince Gumball's phone number. When Fionna finds his phone number, she puts on the headphones and taps on a Call this dude button.

The scene cuts to Gumball opening the door, with the Candy doctors and Candy Kingdom's CIA. Prince Gumball reacts quickly. "Fionna, Cake, what happened?" Prince Gumball asked. Cake says, "We have no idea! We weren't here when Marshall Lee died! Please help us!" "Don't worry, Cake. You too, Fionna. What exactly did you see before you went inside the house?" Prince Gumball asks. Fionna replies as soon as possible. "I don't know. Ask Cake! She streched her body over to open the the door for me." Prince Gumball turns his head over to Cake. Cake says, "I saw him falling down on the floor, creating a bed of blood and laying on it." Prince Gumball asks, "That's it? That's all you know? Are you sure you didn't see any other things or people?" Cake replies, "Well, I did see Marshall Lee's ex-girlfriend, Ashley. But they broke up a pretty long time ago. I saw her put something in her old and brown shoulder bag."
"And what exactly was she was wearing?" Gumball asks. "Well, she was wearing this ripped black cloak. It looked pretty old. The hood was pulled over her face, but she took off the hood when she looked at Marshall Lee, watching TV. I was interrupted by Fionna, because she was talking to me. When I looked back, Ashley was gone with Marshall Lee laying in a bed of blood on the floor, but Ashley dropped something. I couldn't tell what it was, because it was covered by green cloth. But I'm 100% sure that it was sharp. Ashley walked back and took the green cloth-covered thingy, and then saw me looking at her. I couldn't see her face because inside of the house was pretty dark. I only saw the glow of her eyes. She froze like she was hit by a shock of lighning, and then ran away. That's all I saw." Cake explained. "Hmmm...a torn black cloak that's old, a sharp thing covered with green cloth, a bed of blood, the TV still on, pitch black room....How can you sort that out?" Prince Gumball said, looking up, then looking at Female Starchy, a member of the CIA. Female Starchy then jumps in the conversation. "Your majesty, I think Ashley murdered Marshall Lee!" Prince Gumball replies, "That's just what I was thinking. Cake, do you have the scent of Ashley's flying spell?" "Of course I do. I've been having it. What do you want me to do with it?" Cake asks. "I want you and Fionna to head over to Ashley's house. Me and the CIA will look for more evidence, and the Candy Doctors will get Marshall Lee to the hospital in Rock Kingdom. Don't worry. I'm pretty sure everything will be fine without Marshall." Gumball commands, as he sniffles. "I think everything will be messed up without Marshie," Fionna says, also sniffling.
Fionna starts crying, then Cake grows herself flat and big, letting Fionna wrap her around Fionna's body, like a cloak. Doing this reminds Cake about Ashley. The woman who murdered Marshall Lee. The woman in the black cloak. The woman who used to be Marshall Lee's ex-girlfriend, but then got dumped from selling his most prized possession to a witch, just to get a brand new wand.
Fionna says, "Thanks, Cake, but that won't make Marshall Lee come back to life. I mean, I thought he was deathless!"
Cake says, "Ashley's a wizard. She knows everything. Well, not literally everything, but she is a wizard. She can find out how to murder a deathless creature or being. Plus, she had a sharp thing that was covered with green cloth. It could have been a knife from that old Deathless Murdering Kit, the one you saw in Ashley's house." "Deathless Murdering Kit? Hey, I've got an idea! Since Ashley doesn't like having mere mortals in her house, then why don't we bring Finn and his friends over? Since--" Fionna suggests. Cake replies, "Finn and Jake? Marceline and Princess Bubblegum? How? We don't have that portal device. We threw it in the Lake of Doom, and we could never get in that lake." "No, no, no, Cake. You've got it all wrong. I didn't throw the device in the lake. I just pretended to. I knew that we were gonna be needing that device sometime. A time like this. As I was saying, if Ashley doesn't like having mere mortals in her house, why don't we bring Finn and Jake and their friends over? Marceline's related to Marshall Lee, and if she's related to Marshall Lee, she might know a lot of information about Ashley!" Fionna informs Cake, looking straight into her eyes to make sure she got all that.
Prince Gumball looks at Fionna and Cake. He reacts quickly. "What are you two doing there? I told you to go find Ashley. You know what? Before you go inform Ashley about the murdering case, I want you to get to that machine over there." Gumball says. Prince Gumball points to a pretty complicated machine in the corner. It appears as a big blob of so much things. Although Gumball is more of a baker than a scientist and all that, but he created it for the CIA, Candy Investigation Agency, just in case they ever needed it for murdering cases. Prince Gumball takes a deep breath and brings out his finger so he could start talking, but then Fionna interrupted. Fionna asks Gumball, "What the jug is dat thing? It looks pretty complicated. That mumbo-jumbo can only have been created by Princess Bubblegum." "Right you are, Fionna. I did need a little help, so I thought I'd call PB to bring me the formula of that Modern Candy Soup.