I just realized that these type of blogs are now popular on this wiki, so I'm gonna do it.

Dear Finn,

If you rlly wanted to ask PB out, why didn't ya? Don't be so shy, Finn. Ur a hero boy.

Dear Jake,

Y is there nothing wrong with u? The only thing that's wrong is that ur so popular.

Dear Flame Princess,

U rlly think Finn's purpose is to hurt u? Why would u think such a thing? He's not tryin to hurt u. In fact, he doesn't even know that he's hurtin u!

Dear PB,

You kissed Finn in Too Young and Wizard Battle. But u don't wanna kiss him again?

Dear Goliad,

U rlly think leading's definition is to control someone with ur powers? I mean, the person is actually doing what u want, but why r u makin them with ur powers? And ur third eye is freakin creepy. How'd u get dat thing, anyway?

Dear Ice King,

If u only want a chic to marry you, why don't u chill and be nice to them? Kidnapping them won't get u any closer to marry them.

Dear Lemongrab,

I feel bad for ya when ya got pranked, like, when Peppermint Butler tells u that it was a prank. U laughed. But, if you wanna be a good duchess, you gotta act like one. Just, chill.

Dear Ash,

You tricked Finn and Jake saying that Marceline was in a sleep spell. Is that all u can do? Also, you sold ur ex-girlfriend's most beloved childhood possesion to a witch. Why would u? U also told ur girlfriend that u get hungies at 8:00, and then commanded her to make a turkey sandwich with tomato and pickles. Mr. Demandy-Pants.

Dear Hunson Abadeer,

You ate ur daughter's fries, and then later complained that you didn't like them becuz they were cold. You also gave an amulet to her that made her a changeling and transformed into you. Why would u do such a thing? I mean, you heard that song about u eating ur fries, didn't ya? And u managed to give her an amulet that changes her into u. I mean, don't u even love ur one and only daughter?

Dear Stormo,

You're so awesome becuz u have Finn's DNA. Does this make u "like like" an FP of u?

Dear Cinnamon Bun,

If u r so weird, how come ur not in Candy Kingdom's mental hospital?

Dear Dr. Ice Cream,

When Princess Bubblegum became bald and green, you put a milk suit on her. Is that all you've got and is the milk suit gonna make her any better?

Dear LSP,

You were gonna make a book about how Finn couldn't resist the feeling of your "hot" lumps for ur best friend Turtle Princess to put in her library. But you made a story about Finn being hot and please tell me the title of the story u wrote. I rlly want to read it, gurl.

Dear Me-Mow,

I have to say, you're a pretty small kitten to be an assassin. Plus, why do u have such an annoying voice?

Dear Embryo Princess,

I have no idea why ur old name is Abortion Princess. And you're dead, right? Not bein sarcastic or a pain in the butt.

Dear Donny,

Y u rlly want to throw eggs at these cute little house people, ya jerk!

Dear Magic Man,

Is ur lesson to Finn is about calling people a jerk? U rlly think it's the right thing to do?

Dear Engagement Ring Princess,

When Finn and Jake were trying to save u, u kept on saying, Help me Finn and Jake! U know better than that. I mean, u know that Ice King is sleeping. Ur annoyin talkin won't help u get away.

Dear Ghost Princess,

U knew that Clarence killed u in a war, but then later on u forgive him. Not only u forgive him, but u asked him to go with u in the 50th dead world. But not only that, u also kissed him when u were leaving.

Dear Head Clown Nurse,

Y did u excessively keep on popping out on Another Way? It's so excessively creepy.

More coming soon!