Storyteller: 10 year old Fionna sits on a chair next to a drawing center in a orphanage after her mother left her 5 months ago, wearing a bunny-ear hat with her bangs sticking out, a sky blue half-sleeve shirt, a navy blue skort, white knee-high socks with two light blue horizontal stripes, and a pair of black tappie shoes.

Fionna: (Fionna thought to herself) I'm SOOO BORED in this freakin' orphanage. I'm the only person mature enough to do anything, here. So much little kids chewing on toys. A teacher that doesn't even let us do ANYTHING. I wish I could just grab my things, put them in my green backpack, and sneak out the back door. I know my mother is waiting for me somewhere. Nobody wants to adopt me. I freakin' want to go.

Teacher (Mrs. Peterson): Fionna, it's time to go outside to the playground. Do you want to come? You don't need to.

Fionna: (Fionna is angrily mumbling now) No. I want to stay here. I want to finish my drawing.

Storyteller: Fionna is drawing a picture of a castle with clouds and a rainicorn, which was Fionna's favorite species since her mother has told her about her visit to the Rainicorn Kingdom with her father. The drawing also had a beautiful princess version of Fionna. At the bottom of the drawing was a beautiful scenery and a knight, who was trying to save Princess Fionna, because she was locked up in a tower. That was how Fionna felt like, being locked in a boring orphanage.

Mrs. Peterson: Wow! What a beautiful drawing you have made, Fionna. I give you permission to stay here and add some color to your drawing.

Fionna: Thank you.

(little kids start chanting, PLAY-GROUND! PLAY-GROUND! PLAY-GROUND!)

Mrs. Peterson: Settle down, children. We'll go now. (Mrs. Peterson opens the door and the rest of the children run out to the playground, screaming. Then Mrs. Peterson gets her whistle and bell, and heads out the door, closing it)

Fionna: Finally! Now's my time to get outta here! (Fionna grabs her backpack and drawing, then puts her drawing inside her backpack. Fionna now opens the front door, putting on her backpack and sniffing the air. Ahhhh, fresh air. Then she quietly closed the door and ran away.

Storyteller: Fionna remembers the money she has been saving up in her backpack, and she had enough money to buy a burger from Burgers & Burglars, and was named that way because the burgers are so delicious you want to steal them.

Fionna: I think I should wander off to the forest. The forest has a bunch of things. I could even harvest some fruits here in the Land of Aaa.

Storyteller: Back at the orphanage, recess was over. Mrs. Peterson led the class back into the room.

Mrs. Peterson: Hello? Fionna? Where are you?

Storyteller: Just then, a little kid named Alexis walked over to Mrs. Peterson, carrying a Barbie doll.

Alexis: Mrs. Peterson, Luke took my other barbie doll from home.

Mrs. Peterson: Not now, Alexis. Have you seen Fionna?

Alexis: Huh? Fionna? I think she's in the bathroom.

Mrs. Peterson: Thanks, Alexis. I hope she's there. If not, I'm dead meat.

Alexis: How come? Why are you dead meat if you don't find Fionna?

Mrs. Peterson: Because, if my boss finds out that I lost Fionna, I'm a 100% sure that he's gonna fire me. And I love this job!

Alexis: Oh. Why don't you just tell him that Fionna got adopted?

Mrs. Peterson: Alexis, have you gone crazy?!?! I can't lie to him. He'll fire me if I lie to him. He has great boss senses. If I lie to him, his senses will start tingling. If he feels that tingling, and he will always be, then I'm gonna get fired. And if I'm fired, you won't be able to see me EVER AGAIN.

Alexis: Oh no! Here, I'll go check in the bathroom. If she's not there, she might be inside the kitchen. You go check in the kitchen, I'll go check in the bathroom. Okay?

Mrs. Peterson: (She is now worrying) Umm...okay. As long as she'll be anywhere.

Storyteller: Mrs. Peterson and Alexis are looking for Fionna while Fionna is wandering through the Happy Forest of Aaa. Back to Fionna!

Fionna: Hmmm....I should be finding an apple tree here in the Happy Forest. I remeber there was an apple tree here, because my mother and I harvested some apples for some apple cider, so...( a myseterious cat appears behind a bush)

Fionna: Hai, there! You might understand me..right exactly...MEOW. Meow meow meow! Meow meow!

Cat: Uh...okay? I don't speak cat. I speak human. Well, I speak cat too. But mostly human.

Fionna: What's your name? My name's Fionna.

Cat: My name's Cake. My name's Cake because I have the colors of marble cake.

Fionna: You have a place?

Cake: Yeah. You look so dirty. Are you an...

Fionna: Orphan, yes. I just busted out of an orphanage. I hate being stuck there.

Cake: How did you bust out?

Fionna: I'll tell you later. Show me to your place, Cake.

Cake: Okay. I'll get some breakfast for you.

Fionna: Are you sure your parents are okay with adopting me?

Cake: Of course! I'll show you a place deep in the land of Aaa. It's beautiful there.

Fionna: I'd love to!

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