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Fionna's Childhood: Part 2

Continued from Fionna's Childhood: Part 1

Storyteller: Fionna and Cake are arriving at Cake's home. Cake is 28 in magical cat years, because she can grow, shrink, and strech in an incredible way. Elastic Cake and Fearless Fionna has a great friendship, and from now on, Fionna will be Cake's adoptive sister. Cake's mother then sees Cake with a girl. She (Cake's mother) is named Camille, and Cake's father is named Chris. Cake's little sister, Cinnabun, always wants to get her revenge because she accidentally stepped and ripped her "perfect" report on the way home from school. Cinnabun always tries to trick her with different pranks, so that's why when Cake wants to do something, she does the opposite of it. That way she can avoid getting pranked.

Camille: Cake! Who the catnip heck is that?

Cake: Mom! Don't be so rude! She found me hiding in the bushes from Cinnabun, because I overheard her planning to pull a prank on me.

Chris: Ahhh, so who is this human being you have brought to us?

Cake: This is Fionna. She is an orphan. She just busted out from the oprhanage today. She's 10 years old. That's what I all know about her.

Camille: I see. But why do you bring Fionna here?

Cake: Well, she--(Fionna interrupts Cake)

Fionna: Because I'm hecka bored in that sick ol' orphanage. I even drew a good picture of it.

Chris: How did you manage to bust out of this "sick ol' orphanage"?

Fionna: UGH!!!!!

Cake: Umm...Fionna's having trouble now. I'll just bring her up to my room. Maybe later, when she's all calmed down, she can answer all your questions. How bout' during dinner?

Camille: My pleasure. We want to know a LOT about Fionna. I've got some spare clothes up in the attic. Maybe we can dust them up and give Fionna the clothes. Because her clothes look really dirty.

Cake: Yeah, sure. If thats okay with her...

Fionna: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you, Mrs. Katnip. That would be okay to wash my clothes, I guess. If Cake shows me how I look.

Camille: Okay. I'll go get over to the attic and take the clothes.

Storyteller: Camille, Cake's mother, is now getting some old spare clothes in the attic for Fionna to wear. Until her clothes are washed and dried, Fionna may wear her own clothes. Cake and Fionna are now in Cake's room.

Fionna: Nice room. Who's Kittsie Katspaw?

Cake: Huh? Oh, my poster. Kittsie Katspaw is my dream guy. He's a rockstar and plays in the Kittie Krew, which includes a 3 boys (not including Kittsie) and 2 female backup singers. Good thing Kittsie doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

Fionna: So, what are you in to? I'm in to adventuring and drawing. I also like to go fruit harvesting. Me and my mother would always do that. We would go deep into the trees of the Mysterious Jungle where I would visit Jungle Prince and ask him if I could harvest some of his finest apples for apple cider.

Cake: Yeah, I'm in to--(Camille interrupts the moment while Cinnabun hides behind Camille's back)

Camille: Here's the clothes! I even had time to wash and dry them, and even had time to lint-roll them! The attic was very scary and dark. Lemme take your clothes, Fionna! I must clean them in the washer and dry them in the dryer. Thank you! (Cinnabun runs to her room while Fionna takes off and gives her clothes to Camille)

Storyteller: Camille now is heading over to the laundry room to wash Fionna's clothes. At Cake's room, Fionna tries on her new clothes: a spaghetti strap with a home shorts, because it was the beginning of summer.

Fionna: Ugh! These are so tight---(Cake interrupts Fionna)

Cake: Oh, I forgot! I have an elastic spaghetti strap in my closet! You might be more comfortable in that.

Storyteller: Cake looks for her elastic spaghetti strap and gives it to Fionna. Then she takes the small spaghetti strap Fionna was wearing and streched her arms to the attic so she can put the shirt back.

Fionna: Woah, how'd you do that?

Cake: When I was just a baby and Cinnabun wasn't alive yet, I loved to roll in this puddle of water. I noticed everyday that it was always there. I kept on rolling on it, then I changed, somehow. It appears that the puddle was a magical puddle that came from the land of Ooo.

Fionna: How did it change you?

Cake: It changed me by adding some features to me. I am older than usual. I can strech in a long way. I can grow and shrink to different sizes. I can grow into things and beings.

Fionna: That's so...COOL!

Cake: I'll tell you more about it during lights out. It's dinner time! Get your spaghetti strap on and I'll tie your hair into a homemade bun.

Fionna: Sure.

Storyteller: Fionna and Cake are getting to know each other better. Fionna puts on her spaghetti strap while Cake ties her hair into a good-looking and messy bun. Camille calls the girls over for dinner, while Chris takes the food and puts it on the table.


Cinnabun; Coming, mom!

Cake: Mom! Fionna's not a cat! Can you prepare some spaghetti dinner for her? I hope you like spaghetti, Fionna.

Fionna: Sure! I love spaghetti. I remember when I first tried spaghetti. I would always eat it every Christmas.

Cake: Okay, then. Dad's spaghetti tastes so good. But I'm pretty sure that your mom is much more better.

Fionna: Yah, right. But lemme try dad's spaghetti first.

Cinnabun: Who the Katnip is that?

Cake: Cinnabun! Fionna will now be your adoptive sister.

Cinnabun! What the---NO WAY! SHE'S SO PRETTY!! I MEAN, LOOK AT HER...MANE!!!

Cake: Cinnabun! She's not a horse, pony, or unicorn! What the Katnip? She's a HUMAN BEING.

Fionna: Uhh, Cake? Cinnabun is sooo---unpredictable.

Cake: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love yah, sistah.

Fionna: Cake, I mean it. No time for kidding around.

Cinnabun: Well, that's a RUDE sister!

Camille: Girls! Sit down! It's time for dinner! Cinnabun, come with me. We're gonna talk about your unacceptable behavior.

Cinnabun: Poooooooooooooooooooooop. Thanks, Fihonnha and Cake.

Chris: Cinnabun! It's Fionna, not Fihonnha. If you were abandoned like Fionna, you would understand. You are such a brat about it, and you're only 7 years old.


Camille: No more. You will be grounded for the rest of your life if you say another word. Go to your room. NOW.

Cinnabun: (Cinnabun whispering) Fine, you bub.

Cake: Mom, Cinnabun said, "Fine you bub." to you.


Cinnabun: Why, Camille? Why? Why do you need to be so mean to me?

Chris: Don't you DARE call your mother by her first name! GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE I SMACK YOU WITH THIS NICE METAL AND SHARP SPATULA!

Cinnabun: (shivering) Oh---I'd love to...I'll just head over to my room and stay put..

Fionna: Good. I'm STARVING because of this argument.



Cake: Umm..Fionna? I think we should just get the food. Lemme get the spaghetti and add it onto your plate. Then I'll find the catnip and eat it in our room.

Fionna: Our room? Does this mean I get to live here?

Cake: Once we get to move out of the house. After dinner, when everyone is asleep, I'll show you some places of Aaa. It's very beautiful out there.

Fionna: I can't wait! But will it be cold tonight?

Cake: Of course. I have some spare clothes I don't use anymore.

Fionna: Okay! Can I bring my backpack, though? But not my hat, because I'm starting to like this stylish and messy homemade bun.

Cake: I'm glad you like it! You can bring you backpack, because we have a LONG journey!

End of Part 2

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