Continued from Fionna's Childhood: Part 2

Storyteller: Fionna and Cake are back in their room eating dinner while Chris, Camille, and Cinnabun continue the argument. The argument stops when Cake runs down the stairs and yells at everybody.


Fionna: Yeesh. Mom, dad, Cinnabun, can you stop arguing now? We're trying to sleep. It's like, 10:34 already, and we can't sleep with too much noise downstairs, can we?

Chris: Fionna's right. We've caused too much noise today, and it is enough. Right, Cinnabun? Right, honey?

Camille: Dad's right. We should REALLY get some sleep. Ooooh! I almost forgot! The Royal Welcome Parade!

Fionna: What the jug is that?

Cake: It's a Royal Parade welcoming the King of Aaa. He is a widower, and loves to go on adventures. He's top adventurer in the Land of Aaa.

Fionna: No way! We must go! But you're not going to believe this...because I love adventuring, too!

Cake: But WHAT in the world shall you wear? You must wear something beautiful!


Cake: But, when you're beautiful, it will give you chances to be his love.

Fionna: Please don't make me wear ANYTHING beautiful. I haven't even met him yet!

Cake: Oh, you'll fall in love with him right away! I'll show you a picture of him later.]

Fionna: Why don't we just get some shut-eye?

Cake: Oh Fionna! Remember our plans for tonight?

Camille: What's this "plans" for tonight?

Cake: Mom! Well, we were gonna paint our nails and make the fancy for the parade!

Fionna: Cake!

Cake: You must do it!

Fionna: Fine.

Camille: Have fun, you two! Cinnabun will be needing to be get some shut-eye, too. It's been past her bedtime.

Cinnabun: Mom! Can I paint my nails with Fionna and Cake?

Chris: Do you mother's bidding, Cinnabun. Plus, you are TOO young to get your nails painted.

Cinnabun: But, my friend, Kattie, gets her nails painted! She changes the color and design EVERY week! And her parents dom't even MIND!

Fionna: Listen to our parents, Cinnabun. You need to go to bed. Sooner or later in you life you will get to paint and design your own nails.

Cake: Yeah, Cinnabun.

Cinnabun: Fine.

Storyteller: Fionna and Cake are getting ready to travel the beautiful Land of Aaa. Fionna is wearing a purple I ♥ Candy Kingdom sweater, white sailor shorts, orange sneakers, a brown safari hat, and a snowflake scarf. She also brought her backpack with supplies. Cake is wearing her favorite purple sweater with Kittsie Katspaw, a magical catnip scarf, magical catnip mittens, a marble cake beanie, tropical khaki shorts, and catnip-decorated sneakers. Cake streched her legs down the window, then Fionna climbed on top of her.

Fionna: Are you SURE everyone is asleep?

Cake: I know. I think...

Fionna: Let's hope this brilliant plan of yours works.

Cake: Yeah. To get to Candy Kingdom, we must cross that dark forest. Legend says that nobody has survived when they try to get cross it.

Fionna: Oooh, how adventureie.

Cake: What the jug is that?

Fionna: A made up word.

Cake: Okay...

Fionna: There! Wait a minute.....why is there someone living in the Dark Forest?

Cake: Huh? Oh, that blue house! That house is Marshall Lee's house. He's a big vampire who loves to stick around at midnight. Legend says that many creatures lurk by his house in the early morning. They would guard his house from any other species trying to pass by.

Fionna: There should be some way we could get pass his house. We'll never make it.

Cake: We will, Fionna. Just believe in yourself.

Fionna: Yeah,yeah. Cmon, I see a way!

Storyteller: Fionna and Cake are doing a daring way to pass the Dark Forest. Marshall Lee is outside watching his Drop Ball friends play a round of Drop Ball. Fionna and Cake arrive behind a bush near Marshall Lee's house. Then Marshall Lee notices them and uses his vampire powers to burn the bush, leaving twigs everywhere.

Fionna: Uhhh....

Marshall Lee: (closing his eyes the whole time) Who dares disturb Marshall Lee's event for the day? (opening his eyes) *GASP* Oh...well, hello there! Mind if I introduce myself?

Fionna: Uhhh...sure...?

Cake: Take it easy, Fionna. He won't hurt you.

Marshall Lee: Cake! What are you doing here with know....beautfiul woman?

Fionna: *laugh* Oh, heehee. *blush*

Cake: Marshall, you better not be doin' that on my girl. She's my NEW adoptive sister. She busted out of an orpahange yesterday.

Marshall Lee: Oh, wow. What brave woman for an 8 year old.

Fionna: Shut your mouth! I am a mature 10 year old and abandoned by my mother 5 YEARS AGO.

Marshall Lee: So sorry to be rude, my lady. Care to see my house?

Fionna: Name's Fionna, and my pleasure.

Marshall Lee: Cmon in! I bought an iced coffee from Burgers and Burglars. I was gonna drink it...but you might it?

Fionna: For a midnight wake-up call, I'd love to have it.

Marshall Lee: Mind if I take a small sip?

Fionna: Yes, I do mind. Teehee!

Storyteller: Fionna is taking the iced coffee while Marshall Lee shows the rest of his house.

Fionna: Thanks, but me and Cake gotta slip away. It's time to see the rest of Aaa.

Cake: Yeah, thanks. Marshall Lee...

Marshall Lee: Oh, it's okay! Meet yah at the Annual Royal Welcome Parade of Aaa!

Fionna: Yeah, see yah too! Bye!

Marshall Lee: Bye!

Storyteller: Fionna takes the iced coffee and climbs on top of Cake. Cake then grows big, trying not to squish anything. They now arrive at the Snowy Mountains, where Ice Queen lives.

Ice Queen: Gunter, have you been dropping a bomb inside this toilet?

Gunter: (with his transalator) Wenk! (No!) Wenk Wenk Wenk Wenk Wonk Wenk. (Goonter dropped the bombs, not me.)

Ice Queen: Goonter! (Fionna and Cake are woo hooing because they are playing a snowball fight)

Ice Queen: Who dares enter the wonderful palaces of the Snowy Mountains?

Fionna: Us.

Ice Queen: Who do you think you are, Ms.?

Fionna: Ms. Fionna.


Ice Queen doing Ice Doom

Fionna: Hah! You can't defeat me! Cake, can you shrink into a powerful sword?

Cake: You betcha!

Fionna: Haha! You'll NEVER get me!

Ice Queen: Y-y-yeah, you're right. Goonter! Time for a bath!

Ice Queen walking back to her snowy castle

Fionna: What was THAT all about? And who is she?

Cake: That's Ice Queen. Probably bummed out because she can't catch her love, Prince Gumball. We're about to meet him soon. After we get across this Snow Kingdom. There's Candy Kingdom! Prince Gumball lives there! In that tall Candy Castle!

Fionna: Who's Prince Gumball? Where's Candy Kingdom?

Cake: Save that for later. You'll see him at the Annual Royal Welcome.

Fionna: Oh-okay then.


Storyteller: Back at the orphanage, everyone was in the bedroom, sleeping. Alexis and Mrs. Peterson stayed up, waiting for Fionna to come back.

Mrs. Peterson: Ugh. It's 1:35 in the morning, and Fionna is missing. What can be worst?

Alexis: Having all of us missing.

Mrs. Peterson: I know, I know. I was just being dramatic.

Alexis: What does dramatic mean?

Mrs. Peterson: Ugh. Go get your toy back from Luke. He should be sleeping by now.

Alexis: Okay.

Mr. Fitswieser, the boss of the orphanage, walks in the room and looks around.

Mr. Fitswieser: Are you sure everyone is here? Did anybody get adopted? Is anyone missing? Last question. Why is Alexis staying up here with you?

Mrs. Peterson: Oh, umm..everyone is here, nobody got adopted, nobody is missing, and Alexis had a nightmare.

Mr. Fitswieser:'re lieing! You monster! You are fired!

All the kids wake up and get out of their sleeping bags

Mrs. Peterson: Oh, children! Go back to bed! Mr. Fitswieser is just checking if everyone is here!

Luke: Someone ISN'T here! Fionna is missing!

Alexis: Luke! You're such a troublemaker! Mrs. Peterson is fired because of you!

Luke: What? I'm just saying the truth.

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