Continued from Fionna's Childhood: Part 3

Fionna and Cake are getting back to their house and realizes that nobody is awake yet

Fionna: Oh crud, are you sure your parents are awake?

Cake: Maybe, but the might be getting prepared for the Annual Royal Welcome or cooking breakfast by now.

Fionna: Shoot! We need to get changed quick and leave everything where we found it!

Cake: But, our nails! We need to get our nails done! I'll do it in a jiffy, just hold on.

Camille: Fionna? Cake? You awake? I've got some toast and eggs down here! Cmon, we don't have much time! We need to get ready for the ARW soon! Cinnabun's awake before you two sleepyheads!

Cake: Whispering voice Be quiet, Fionna! Hurry and get dressed in your jammies! Pretend to be asleep.

Fionna: Whispering voice Of course. Go downstairs! Hurry!

Cake walking downstairs to greet mother

Cake: Uhhh, mom? Fionna's still sleepin'. We stayed up all night, but we went to the night market to buy some clothes for the ARW.

Camille: Oh. Did you manage to get your nails done in time? ARW doesn't start until 6 PM, during the sunset. If you didn't, you still have time. If only you can wake up Fionna and bring her here downstairs for breakfast. Does she want to wake up?

Cake: Well, we didn't get to have our nails done. I wish we did. We were too busy looking for the perfect dress, but guess what!

Camille: You found the perfect dresses for you two selves?

Cake: NO! We found nothing. But I'm planning to go to Ball Bouquet Beautique. How's that? We can even buy dresses for you and Cinnabun.

Camille: That sounds very nice, Cake. How generous of you to buy our dresses for us. I know that you know the style we like. I like strapless dresses with bows, and Cinnabun likes short-sleeve dresses with lace.

Cake: Uhhh, yeah. Hold on, I think I didn't quite catch that. Lemme get a notepad and pen and I'll write it down just to be sure.

Camille: Okay, then. Here's a notepad and pen.

Fionna gets up with her nightshirt on and her hair all messed up

Fionna: Ugh, what---t-t-time is it?

Cinnabun gets up with her water gun and aims for Fionna and Cake

Cinnabun: PRANKIE TIME!!!

Cinnabun shoots her water gun before Camille got even say anyrhing

Camille: Cinnabun! What in katnip are you doing? Have you even noticed? It's 6 AM in the morning! Dad needs to get his sleep. He's gonna go hang out with Prince Gumball at the Royal Bar, and it opens at midnight. It's actually right after the ARW.

Cinnabun: Sorry, mom, Sorry Fihonnha and Cahake.

Chris: Ugh! Cinnabun! I told you to sleep for a long period of time because we were watching...

Camille seriously staring at Chris

Chris: Watching the shooting star! We were watching a tiny shooting star. Of course we were not watching TV...

Camille: Chris, when was this "shooting star?"

Chris: N-n-n--nothing.

Cake: They WERE watching TV!

Camille: Fionna?

Fionna: Cake's right. They were watching Bags, bones, and no more bygones.

Camille: Chris! Why are you letting a 7 year old girl watch Rated R movies? That has a lot of violence!

Chris: I'm so sorry honey, I-I-I-I don't know what to s-s-say,

Camille: It's okay dear. Because you won't be talking when you will not have this with you!

Camille holding a ticket for the Midnight Royal Bar and puts it in the shredder

Chris: gasp! I can't believe--you just--UGH! Okay, let's get this straight! Don't shred my spare ticket! Okay, look. I don't love you! I married you to get what I wanted! I'm sorry! I USED YOU FOR NOTHING. I MARRIED YOU SO I CAN BECOME RICH! SO I CAN GET A GOOD PAYING JOB! I'M SO SO TRIPLE SO SORRY THAT I USED YOU!

Camille: ...

Chris: Honey?

Camille: ...

Cinnabun: DRAMA BOMB!

Fionna: Cinnabun! Straight. To. Your. Room. Now. I. Repeat. Now.

Cinnabun: big sigh

Fionna: And. Don't. You. Dare. I. Repeat. Don't. You. Dare. Say. A. Word.

Cinnabun: A word.

Cake: Cinnabun, it is not a good reason to be fooling around right now. Mom and dad are havong a complete private conversation. It's good to give them privacy to talk it over.

Cinnabun: Fine.

Fionna: Now go to your room. We will get back to our room as soon as possible.

Camille: I-I- NO. You know what? Just, FINE. I'll go live with my brother.

Chris: Babe, I know I used you. But from the first time I saw you and got married, I loved you more and more each day. I need to postpone this. I'm sorry I used you, but, you're very beautiful. I love you, honey bunch. I love you. I may have married you for a reason, a reason to have the perfect life. But there's another reason. I--

Camille: I know how you feel. I love you too. It's just that, my brother sent me a letter that he was gonna get married, and he thought I could be the party host. Well, also a bridesmaid. He also said that I would be staying there for a long time because I'm a good honeymoon planner. He offered me to become their honeymoon planner.

Cake: Oooh. This is perfect for a drama movie....

Back at the orphanage, Mr. Fitswieser is about to fire Mrs. Peterson.

Mrs. Peterson: Please, Mr. Fitswieser. I'll tell you the truth! I told Fionna that she was going to need to be responsible for herself when she was coloring this drawing in. It was recess time, but she didn't want to join the rest of the orphanage!