Continued on Fionna's Childhood: Part 4

Camille: Well, I won't be leaving until 2 weeks from now. I don't want to miss the ARW. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Chris: Will you ever forgive me?

Camille: I will forgive you. Will you forgive me for shredding your main ticket?

Chris: Yup. I have a bunch of spare tickets at the lounge. Fionna, would you mind calling Cinnabun over for breakfast?

Fionna: No problem, mom. Cinnabun! Argument's over!

Cinnabun: Finally. I was thinking of what to wear for the ARW, and I found a great dress! I found this really pretty dress. Can I wear it?

Cake: No way! How is that pretty? There's a chocolate milk stain, ice cream stain, grape juice stain, spaghetti sauce stain, and a mango stain. How would you want to wear such an ugly and dirty dress to the ARW? Also, you can't wear white dresses. We're supposed to wear any color except white. Besides, me and Fionna are going to buy clothes for all of you. Dad is coming with us to buy his own tuxedo.

Cinnabun: Oh, poop. Wait a minute, this is not the dress I wanted to wear! I wanted to wear this dress.

Cinnabun pulls out a light purple dress with a rainbow belt on it

Camille: That dress looks very marvelous, sweetie. But I'm afraid I have to say no. I don't like the black long sleeves. Plus it has too much color. We need something else. How bout; you wear that yellow dress with the lace and half sleeves?

Cinnabun: Fine. It is pretty and good for a sunset dress.

Cake: But what about a new dress? Or a blouse with a skirt? Or skorts?

Camille: Hmmm, that does sound pretty. Oh well. Let's just buy her a blouse and skirt. Make sure it's pretty!

Cake: I know mom. Besides, we won't be going to the store right now. We need some breakfast to eat first.

Fionna: Yeah, mom. We'll be getting our nails and eyebrows done, too.

Cake: We have been staying up all night making our plans for today.

Fionna: Mhm.

Cinnabun: Mom, I want my nails done too! Please!!!

Chris: What do you think, honey bunch?

Camille: I guess so. She needs something to be grateful for something, at least during an event that only happens once in a lifetime.


Camille: No, no, no, Cinnabun. You're going with me to the Mother and Daughter salon. They're going to a very special spa.

Fionna: Only the most mature children are allowed to go there, Cinnabun. Not just mature children. Adults, mature preteens, and teenagers.

Cinnabun: Hmm, mature. I'm not familiar with that word.

Cinnabun runs to her room, opens up the dictionary, and looks up "mature."

Cinnabun: Mature: adjective. One, complete in natural growth or development, as a plant and animal forms: a mature rose bush. Is that the meaning?

Fionna: Nope.

Cake: That's my old dictionary. It's number three.

Cinnabun: Three, fully developed in body or mind, as a person: a mature woman. Oh. Fionna, am I mature?

Fionna: No.

Cinnabun: What's wrong with me? I'm pr---

Camille interrupting

Camille: Cinnabun, please stop chit chatting. We need to eat breakfast first.

Cinnabun: Fine.

Fionna: Time to eat! I can't wait to dig in these delicious breakfast! I haven't eaten these kind of food for a pretty long time.

24 minutes passed, and everyone was finished eating

Fionna drinking a glass of orange juice

Fionna: Ahhh, that was the best food I ever had in my whole entire life! Well, up to this day.

Cake: No. You'll taste much better food in the ARW. They have pretty good food at the dining room.

Fionna: You betcha! Cmon, lets go brush our teeth and get dressed. We need to go the Ooh La La Specialty Spa.

Cake: Okay!

Fionna and Cake runs to the bathroom, taking out their toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Cake: We always need to brush our teeth for one minute. I have a one minute timer we could use.

Fionna: Then put it over! We don't have all day, you know. ARW starts at 7:00!

Cake: Okay!

Cake then flips over the timer, and the sisters brush their teeth.

Fionna: Finally, we're finished. Time to get dressed!

A lot of time has passed

Fionna and Cake are dressed up already. Since it's a hot day, they are wearing summer clothes. Fionna is wearing a half sleeve yellow jacket, black blouse with white polka dots, khaki shorts, and black tappie boots with shoelaces. Cake is wearing a purple Kittsie Katspaw tank top, black shorts, a summer hat, and light brown Granny Smith shoes. Fionna and Cake walk out the door and ride their sit-on scooter to Ooh La La Specialty Spa.

Fionna: We're here!

Fionna and Cake walk into the spa, then the cashier came to greet them. The cashier's name is Stacey Simons.