Stacey: Hey gurllll!!! Who's this hot chic?

Cake: Hey, Stace. This is Fionna. She busted out and found me hiding in a bush, then mom and dad decided to adopt her.

Stacey: Busted out, huh? What may I do for you today?

Fionna: Actually, we're in a hurry. We need to get the Extra Special Spa Treat for the ARW.

Stacey: Get that in a jiffy. Okay, so, what's gonna be your username for today?

Fionna: Username? Well, okay. Ummmm.....

Stacey: How 'bout...Pinkie Pie? We only allow My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic names. Looks like you'll fit in with a Pinkie Pie username.

Fionna: Uhhh...sure?

Stacey: How 'bout you, Cake? Usual?

Cake: Uhhh...k. Looks like I'll be Applejack again.

Pinkie Pie (Fionna): Okay, shall we begin?

Stacey: Maybe a Rarity username would be a better one.

Pinkie Pie: Oh, for MLP sake! Let's just move on, okay?

Stacey: Fine. I'm Diamond Tiara, okay? Or maybe Sapphire Shores...

Applejack (Cake): Why don't you just be Cheerilee?

Diamond Tiara (Stacey): Sure!

Diamond Tiara becomes Cheerilee

Cheerilee then leads Pinkie Pie and Applejack into the Spa Treatment Room, then leads them to some beds by a nice sunshinging window.

Cheerilee: Now, just lay down on these beds and we'll start on some massaging.

Applejack: Sounds good!

Pinkie Pie: You tell me, Applejack.

Cheerilee: That's the spirit, Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie Pie: Why do we need to use the usernames, anyway?

Cheerilee: It's for my acting scene. I'll be in the leading play of the ARW. You'll see me later. The play is usually setted at midnight, but the Royal Bar is opening, and much more people go to the Royal Bar than the Leading Play of the ARW. So, it'll be at 10:25 PM.

Applejack: It's a really good play.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah...can we move on now?

Applejack: It's getting pretty late in the mornin'. We should be buying the fancy atire right now.

Cheerilee: Yeah. WORRRRKKKERRRRRSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 workers arrive at Stacey's call as soon as possible, then give Fionna (Pinkie Pie) and Cake (Applejack) a big treatment.

Pinkie Pie: Applejack, are you gettin' bored?

Applejack: Why would I? It's a spa treatment. Here, read this magazine. It'll help you get better. Just, relax.

Pinkie Pie: Really? Why would I want to read a stupid magazine that only has mumbo jumbo and gossip about celebrities?

Applejack: Ugh. Okay, fine. Why don't you just ask Cheerilee to turn on the TV?

Pinkie Pie: What would be on television?

Applejack: The Adventure Academy Awards do start in 5 minutes. You should watch it. Don't you like adventuring?


A new customer walks in the spa, then asks for the Ultimate Tiny Supreme Spa Treatment. Her name is Kristen and her username is Derpy.

Derpy: Who's that, Cheerilee?

Cheerilee: That's Fionna and Cake.

Pinkie Pie: Who's that chic?

Applejack: Kristen, the Land of Aaa's best sitter.

Pinkie Pie: Did you say...Kristen? She's my old sitter!!! Kristen!! It's Fionna! Remember? You used to sit me when my old mother went to work. Well, now I'm adopted, and I---

Kristen interrupts Fionna

Derpy: My username is Derpy. Don't call me Kristen. And who in tarnation are you? I don't remember sitting you. Anyway, Your mother you! Just, don't bother me. I have no idea who you are, and I will never know who you are.

Applejack: Woah there, nelly. Never judge my best friend and sis. Why don't ya pick on someone your own size? We're both Earth ponies, so don't judge us.

Cheerilee: Nice Applejack impression, Cake.

Pinkie Pie: I'm getting bored of these stupid MLP usernames. Can we just use our regular names?

Stacey: Fine. But only because you said so. Although me and Kristen are still using the usernames. I mean, when else am I supposed to practice for the play? It starts today. Okay, you two are finished. You should get your "fancy atire" over there at the Dawn Market. I heard that they're having a sale on some fancy atire for the ARW. It's by the Candy Kingdom.

Fionna: Well, that's not pretty far away. Cake, can you strech us there?

Cake: I'm not sure...but I'll try!

Fionna runs out of the spa, but Cake is still sitting on a chair. She then gets up and walks to the main counter to pay for the spa treatment, and then goes over to get a power bar in a vending machine. Cake eats it, having a "yum" look on her face, and then looks everywhere with big eyes. Then she runs to Fionna as fast as she can.

Cake: Fionna! So, where are we supposed to go?

Fionna: This way!

Fionna runs to the gates of the Candy Kingdom. Prince Gumball walks over and looks at Fionna and Cake. Gumball knows Cake. Gumball was wearing his home clothes; a small Candy Kingdom Army hat, (that was obviously pink) a coral pink shirt given to him from Marshall Lee, some old and striped pajama pants, and a brand new pair of Granny Smith tap shoes. Over her coral shirt is a salmon colored apron with an orange cat. Prince Gumball had slipped on a pair of oven gloves because he baked some of his old family recipe specialty cookies for the ARW. Prince Gumball was only 15 years old, since Fionna is 10 years old.

Prince Gumball: Why hello there, Cake! Who's this woman? She looks like she could need some help findiing herself in the right place? May I introduce you to a fresh batch of cookies? They're chocolate chip! I'm Gumball. Prince Bubba Gumball. Whoo--

Fionna: (interrupting Gumball) I'm Fionna. This is Cake. We are now officially adoptive sisters, am I right, Cake?

Prince Gumball: Uuhhhh... as I was say---

Cake: Ummm, Fionna? Well, Prince Gumball already knows me. He came to my very first birthday party. Of course, he was still young by then. Like....about your age, Fionna.

Fionna: Cake, can we get those outfits now? We can join Prince Gumball with his cookies after we get those outfits.

Cake: Good idea, Fionna. Gumball, is there anything we can use to get to the Dawn Market quickly?

Prince Gumball: Umm...Fionna? Uhh......I was about to say that the cookies were for the ARW. You see, I was voted for the best baker in the Land of Aaa, so I was picked for the catering for the ARW. Each and every ARW. But that's alright, I think I have time to bake another batch. Only as long as you two could bring me an outfit, too. And Cake, yes. You could borrow my falcon.

Cake: Are you sure? Do you think I have the rights to pilot your falcon?

Prince Gumball: Okay, don't get acting all crazy. Of course I do. I left the falcon back at the garden.

The scene skips to Fionna and Cake on Prince Gumball's Falcon. Cake is in front, since Fionna is unusual with "piloting" a falcon.