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Users as characters, pt. 1: Character Templates

Hai there, Rainbowdash29 here. I should have created a blog post for the page I made last time, about me. So, I decided to move it here. This blog post will be like a character page based on users here on Adventure Time Wiki.


Name Rainbowdash29
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Wikian

Half Pegasus Excellent Complainer :3

Relatives Nihi The Brony

Vampire King of Ooo

Extra Info: I have anger managements!!! (So don't get me angry or else I will never come back to this wiki...)


Saber's old avatar
Name SaberSworn
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Vampire Queen of Ooo
Extra Info: Saber never sleeeeepsss!!!!!!


NOT Beemo's avatar
Name Beemo
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Robot/Human
Occupation Drawing
Relatives Unknown
Sorry, I was having trouble finding Beemo's real avatar. Extra Info: Beemo is a really great artist, like this awesome dude!!!!

Nihi The Brony:

Nihi The Brony
Pinkacopter left
One of Nihi's Profile Floaters
Name Nihi The Brony
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human/Brony
Occupation Person?

Pinkie Pie Fan

Relatives BLAUGHUM
I also had trouble finding Nihi's real avatar, because of her awesome Pinkie Pie floaters. Extra Info: Nihi is an extreme Pinkie Pie fan and brony!!!

Flame Prince Finn:

Flame Prince Finn
I had trouble uploading FPF's avatar.
Name Flame Prince Finn
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation Hero


Relatives Vampire Queen of Ooo
Again, had trouble finding FPF's real avatar. Maybe since it wasn't uploaded to the wiki. Extra Info: FPF's wikia-married to this girl!!

Vampire Queen of Ooo:

Vampire Queen of Ooo
Vampire Queen of Ooo is mad
The moment just before Marcy is half fire elemental.
Name Vampire Queen of Ooo
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Vampire
Occupation Queen of Vampires


Relatives SaberSworn

Flame Prince Finn