aka rain(nickname)rainier(first name)

  • I live in cupang safe zone no zombies allowed
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is leader of a group of survivors and killing zombies
  • I am male
  • Rainthezombiehunter

    a new story!!!

    December 12, 2014 by Rainthezombiehunter

    guys im making a new story!!. its based on Alien directed by ridley scott. and i already made the cast but i still dont know who the alien is though but here are the cast 

    Rainthezombiehunter (me)



    Incendiary Blossom


    The lego mind

    and thats it thats the cast and im gonna do the story soon cause im very busy right now!

    ill see you soon!

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  • Rainthezombiehunter

    IM BACK!

    May 22, 2014 by Rainthezombiehunter

    well im back been a year since i ever putten a post on the blog.well since i jut came back the old batch gone(except for a few..) im gonna talk to another batch todays chat batch i guess this thing is back on track. well see ya soon

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  • Rainthezombiehunter

    these are quotes that might help you so you can say things that might help

    "look im sorry i bothered you okay? just dont come any closer! are you even listening?!'----claire redfield telling the bartender zombie too back off    

    "easy easy there im not a zombie! your safe now"

    "you want STARS ill give you stars"---- jill valentine telling nemesis what he wants before she could do her bullet of destiny.

    "its was Raccoon Citys last chance and my last chance... my last escape.

    "thats fair kid"--- jake is now fighting B.O.W.s in an unknown country

    "yeah,this is like Raccoon City all over again"

    chris:leon what are you doing here?

    leon:put your gun down chris. shes a key witness we need her.

    chris:a witness shes the one who did all this!

    leon:no it was s…

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  • Rainthezombiehunter

    merry christmas guys and a happy new year since im not famous in this wiki yet ill have to make a zombie story i know its going to be christmas im gonna make this short story parrt 1 of 6 ok here we go

    no way out. i was going to work till i came in i didnt want to die since the people inside the building were killed i then i heard some noise coming from upstairs it got  louder and louder. SARAH: hello anyone hellooooo. i walked upstairs and saw a guard with his gut outside his body SARAH:*she vomits.* till i looked at this man he was walking angrly at me SARAH: stay back please just stay back!!!!. i took the gun from the guard SARAH:*she shoots the person in the heart.* the gun had no effect on him so i shot him in the head then then five m…

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  • Rainthezombiehunter

    tom is the big fight paqman vs marquez also mr paqman lives in the philippines and are you guys xited to watch this epic fight soim watch the walking dead and also im not famous yet so maybe i am a little famous so pls someonepls comment im out later guys.

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