merry christmas guys and a happy new year since im not famous in this wiki yet ill have to make a zombie story i know its going to be christmas im gonna make this short story parrt 1 of 6 ok here we go

no way out. i was going to work till i came in i didnt want to die since the people inside the building were killed i then i heard some noise coming from upstairs it got  louder and louder. SARAH: hello anyone hellooooo. i walked upstairs and saw a guard with his gut outside his body SARAH:*she vomits.* till i looked at this man he was walking angrly at me SARAH: stay back please just stay back!!!!. i took the gun from the guard SARAH:*she shoots the person in the heart.* the gun had no effect on him so i shot him in the head then then five more were coming to me SARAH:*shoots more zombies in the head* and another one was coming i ran out of ammo and a man came and smashed him in the head with a base ballbat SURVIVOR: come on!!!!. i followed him to his safe room. the end of part 1.