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new season of AT and i got busy lately

guess we got a new season of the adventure time and ive been busy lately i got tons of test in school i got to go somewhere after i make my passport when its christmas im gonna go to malaysia or maybe some where else well every week after i go to school i play video games after that i go study things have been bad lately after sembreak was over teachers always shout at us so much everyday what do you think about your teachers huh i was playing the walking dead the video game so at the last episode no time left the season finale telltale games annouced that theres gonna be season 2 of the walking dead the video game. ive been haveing a good time at the nightosphere chat ? thanks for the guys who were in the chat i really liked the guys like blugo or cedric and the others and musha like all of them as friends so im gonna do another post and its a ?????? later dudes

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