these are quotes that might help you so you can say things that might help

"look im sorry i bothered you okay? just dont come any closer! are you even listening?!'----claire redfield telling the bartender zombie too back off    

"easy easy there im not a zombie! your safe now"

"you want STARS ill give you stars"---- jill valentine telling nemesis what he wants before she could do her bullet of destiny.

"its was Raccoon Citys last chance and my last chance... my last escape.

"thats fair kid"--- jake is now fighting B.O.W.s in an unknown country

"yeah,this is like Raccoon City all over again"

chris:leon what are you doing here?

leon:put your gun down chris. shes a key witness we need her.

chris:a witness shes the one who did all this!

leon:no it was simmons the security chief advisor!

chris:i lost my men beacause of her!

leon: and i lost seventy-thousand people,including the president, beacause of simmons!

chris:you know whats new umbrella


chris:and are you still gonna protect this woman



carla adas doppleganger:*throws flash grenade and escapes*

and now back to quotes

"looks like things just got bad to worse"

"there was no one at the controls.zombie express"

"lot of good agents died here today and your not getting on that list"-- leon to helena

"goodbye ada" after there leon and ada's first kiss in resident evil 2

"hey,its up to us to stop umbrella"--leon to clarie

"shoot'em in the head'---leon

"check and mate buddy"--leon