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  • RandomKitten

    I know it isn't christmas yet, but I really couldn't wait to write this. So, yeah, here it is very early:

    ♪ On the first day of AT my friends gave to me... A MADE UP CHARACTER! ♪ (Tell us your fan character!)

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  • RandomKitten

    Hello. Here is my simple AT conversation. Ok, I really like Adventure Time. I like Spngebob better... but Adventure Time is like awesomley epic for it's time. My favorite character is Ice King, and my favorite episode is Still. I like Ice King becuase, he really isn't evil. He is inocent... and, lonely. I wish I could just go into the Adventure Tme universe and give Ice King a hug. Well, anyway, Adventure Time is my second favorte show and i watch it every monday.

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  • RandomKitten

    WC's Transcripts

    August 25, 2012 by RandomKitten

    So he doesn't get IP banned for writing fanfictions.

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  • RandomKitten

    Hello! I make signatures, all you have to do is describe what you want it to look like. Here are some examples (I made these):

    I made FW's from scatch... and I can put a lot more awesome stuff on it. Though, if you would like a signature, please request one instead of stealing mine. I worked really had on mine and I don't want someone coming in and taking it.

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  • RandomKitten

    Adult Time!

    August 13, 2012 by RandomKitten

    Here is a fanfiction about an Adult Finn. And MCcomics, don't get any ideas!

    "Hey Finn" Jake, the 58 (In magical dog years) old dog said, sitting down next to his buddy.

    "I'm sleeping Jake" 25 year old Finn said, pushing Jake off the couch.

    Sorry that it's like, two sentences. Oh, and Jake is 58 becuase I figured out how many magical dog years there is in a human year. It's 2.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 (There are mor threes. For my conveinece, I changed it to 2.33)

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