Konichiwa! (Or Ohayou, or Konbanwa,). I have decided to make something just for fun, like Wookie Worrior's family tree. Well, I'm not making a family tree, but I am making a clan. Here are the ranks and what they can do.

Leader: Head of the Clan. May have one apprentice at a time. 1

Deputy: Second in command. Gets to be leader next. May have one apprentice at a time. 1

Medicene cat: Makes medicene. Can never become queen/leader/deputy. May have one apprentice at a time. 1

Warrior: Helps the clan. May become deputy/queen (Girls only)/medicene cat/leader. May have one apprentice at a time. Umlimited

Apprentice: Gets trained by Warrior/med. cat. Becomes warrior/med. cat next. Unlimited, as long as there are enough warriors (Or if the med cat still needs an apprentice.)

Queen: (Girls only) Does not have any apprentices. May have up to five kits. Apprentices cannot become queens before they are a warrior. Unlimited

Kit: May turn into a apprntice after six months. Unlimited as long as there are enough queens

Elders: Does not turn into anything. Unlimited.

All warriors/queens/elders/deputys have warrior names. Apprentices have 'paw at the end of their names. Kits have 'kit at the end of there names. Leaders have 'star at the end of thier names. Warrior names have both a prefix and a suffix, while the others have only a prefix. You may pick a prefix for yourself.

Note:This is for fun. No rank is more inmortant than another, exept that the leader gets to pick the warrior name suffixes.

If you would like to be in my Clan, just ask in the comments!

If you would like to rename AdventureClan, vote here!


Leader: Fallenstar (RandomKitten) - Light ginger she-cat with white blotches

Deputy: Shadowdawn (TRIF0RCE1995) - Very dark red tabby she-cat

Medicene cat: Amberberry (Perrystar2272) - Golden she-cat with ginger specks


Eagleblaze (Mew the Creator) - Brown tom

Mapleshine (MCcomics) - Shiny ginger brown she-cat

Frostgaze (The Flame Princess) - Leopord coated she-cat with frosty blue eyes

Windsong (Webberlover) - Blue gray cat

Fireclaw (Flambo the Epic Epic(;) - Ginger tom who's fur wraps around his neck like a lions mane.

Eaglestrike (Breathe Tomorrow) - Orange she-cat with a white undercoat and a black overcoat

Wiltflower (Tutu2010) - Ginger she-cat with dark brown blotches and specks


Feathersnow (Wookie Worrior) - White she-cat with one brown paw

Kit(s):Lilykit (Sumersprkl)(Small white she-cat) - Lightningkit (Happy Smoothie)(Black and white she-cat)

Flamecloud (Piplupscool3) - Light golden cat

Kit(s): Dawnkit (Warriorsrules)(light golden she-cat with golden spots) - Sunkit (Firestar+finn)(Light golden tom)


Shiningcreek (Pinkamena DianePie) - silver tabby she-cat