Chapter 1

A thirteen year old boy walks out of a tree fort. He looks almost exactly like Finn the Human, except he is wearing Majora's Mask. Just then a brown haired man comes and stops him from running off.

"Saber! Let go of me! I'm going on an adventure!" The boy yells.

The man, SaberSworn, answers. "We are all going. And what are we gonna do now?"

The boy thinks. You know, just because we defeated most of the bad guys doesn't mean there aren't more.

"We are going to go defeat bad guys!" The boy starts to run, followed bye SaberSworn, a gray Jigglypuff, a black chocobo, and an oshowat.

Chapter 2

"Ice King! Give us back those princesses!" Hero boy, the boy in the mask, yells.

"No! They are mine!" Ice King looks back at a cell, where being held in it is Flame Kirby, The Flame Princess, Flame Princess, Sweet Princess, and Princess Bubblegummie.

"You know Hero boy, just yelling at him isn't going to help." The gray jigglypuff says.

Hero Boy looked at the wise jigglypuff. "Then what will help, Sky"

Sky Monster replies "Just knock him out, and return the princesses. I got my tricks but I will use them when we need them most."

Hero Boy then runs up to the ice king, punches him, and frees the princesses

The Princesses flee, and Flame Kirby call behind, "Domo arigatou gozaimasu!"

"Lets go home." Felinoel says, coming up behind them. "We seem to be dome here."

So, they start to go home, un-aware a huge adventure streches out before them.

Chapter 3

Hero boy, Sky Monster, SaberSworn, Sparda, and Felinoel are almost home by the time the sun sets.

Hero boy looks at Sky Monster "Sky, do you know who your family is?"

"I told you," Sky Monster replies, "I fell out of the sky. I can no longer remember my family"

Hero Boy looks down at Sky Monster. He can see the twinkle in his eyes. He knew he was lying. He knew that Sky Monster remembered everything, he just didn't want to admit it.

Hero Boy then heard something in the bushes. It was, it was... he really didn't know what it was. Amd then it came to him It's the lich! Hero Boy then screamed, "Guys, that way!" They all started to run towards the lich.

The lich took off. They followed him, until they, well, something stoped them.

"Hello! What are you doing out here so late? My names Rainbowdash and that's my friend pinkie." A rainbow maned pony said, stopping them, then pointing to the pink pony next to her.

"Hello! How are you!" The pink pony, Pinkie said. "My names Pinkie Pie! Nice to meet you!"

Rainbowdash put her hoof over Pinkie Pie's mouth. "We belong to Nihi. He just lives a little bit away. I don't think he'd mind if you stayed the night."

"Oh well, we-" Hero boy said, looking towards the bushes. The lich was gone. He thought that they could better follow him in the morning. "Never mind. Let's go"

So, Hero boy and his friends followed Rainbowdash and Pinkiepie.


"Rainbowdash, Pinkiepie, who are these people?" A man said, opening the door.

"This is Hero boy, and Sky Monster, and SaberSworn, and Sparda, and Felinoel!" Pinkie Pie said, pointing towards her friends.

"Oh... well do they need a place to rest? I have extra rooms, and it's awfully cold. Come in." The man let Hero boy and his friends inside, and showed them where they could sleep. "Make yourselves comfortable."

The man, Nihi, then quickly hurried uo the stairs to his bedroom.

"We might as well sleep now" SaberSworn said "Then we can get an early start tomorrow morning."

So, they all slept.

Chapter 4

"Goodbye!" Pinkie Pie called after them as they were leaving "Come back soon!"

Hero boy knew following the lich would be easy, I mean, all he would have to do is follow the dead bushes. So, that's exactly what they did.

"What do you think we will find at the end of this trail?" Felinoel asked.

"The lich" SaberSworn replied.

Hero boy knew that wasn't what Felinoel meant, but SaberSworn just worked that way. It was just, natrul for him, Hero boy thought.

"What's that?" Sky Monster said, pointing towards what looked like a warehouse. Except, it wasn't like any old warehouse. It looked like a castle. It had stane walls around it, and inside the stone walls were japanese cherry blossom lineing a stone path. On either side, there was a maple tree, and around that stone fountains. But, even with that, you could tell it was a warehouse.

They walked up to the front gates. They were open. They tried to walk in, but they were stopped by a robot.

"You may not enter. Please show identafication. If indentafication does not fit the requested qualifications, you will be taken one mile away from the front gates and left there." The robot told them.

"Who are you?" Hero boy questioned.

"I am Sdearf. The robot that guards these gates. Please show idenification." The robot answered.

Hero boy knew they weren't supposed to be here. So, he decided he would trick Sdearf. No, no, no jedi mind trick. Sheesh.

"Sdearf, just, let us through. We won't hurt nobody." Hero Boy looked at Sdearf.

"No" Sdearf just stood there, motionless.

Sky Monster then did something, it looked like he zapped him, and then Sdearf finally gave in.

"Ye-Ye-Yes. I will let you in." Sdearf said in a nervous voice, turning around. "Come with me."

Sdearf led Hero boy and his freinds inside. Hero Boy was atonished by how beutiful the trees were. If the Lich lives here, how is the garden so beautiful? Sdearf led them inside the warehouse, and down a hallway. The walls were made of bricks, painted gold. The whole castle was painted gold. There were fancy pillers made out of wood, and the once metal staircase had wood on it and was also painted gold.

Just then, Hero boy heard something. He turned around to see a girl with a sheet on her head, and The Earl of Lemongrab on a leash being draged around by him.

"Sdearf, get back to work." She said in a cracking high pitched voice (It's hard to describe, lets just say she sounded like a girl version of the earl of Lemongrab.) "And make me some toast while your at it."

The girl looked at Hero Boy and his friends. "Who are they? Who are they! Get them out of my castle Sdearf! Right now!" The girl looked angry

"Ye-ye-ye-yes miss. I will get right to it." Sdearf then took Hero boy and his friend and threw them out the backdoor.

Chapter 5

"Now what are we supposed to do?" Hero Boy asked his friends, sitting down in the alley behind the warehouse. He was surprised that the back wan't gold, and that it was plain old gray, with stains and plants growing on it.

"We come up with a plan to get back in there" SaberSworn answered.

"It's not as easy as it sounds."

Hero boy turned around. Who said that? he thought. And then he noticed something he hadn't before, a small boy with blue hair and a mew hat.

"He threw me out two years ago, and I've been trying to get back in ever since." The blue haired boy went on. "My names Mew the Creator, by the way."

Hero boy shook Mew's hand, and then said, "Mew, we could help you get back in. I have a plan, and I know it won't fail."

"What's that?" Mew asked, looking cuoriously at Hero boy.

"Have you ever tried this?" Hero boy moved the dumpster Mew was sitting by to reveal a window.

"I didn't know that was there!" Mew said, opening the window. "Thanks!"

"Mew, we are going in also" SaberSworn said. "We need something too."

"Ok," Mew replied. "Come one"

So, they climbed in through the window and started to walk.

Chapter 6

Hero boy hid behind the wall. They could hear Little Ghost Prankster around the corner.

"Sdearf! Where's my toast!?" She complained. She stopped. "I can smell someone"

Smell? Hero boy thought. She could smell someone? But, she could smell someone. Them.

"Come out here!" She yelled, grabbing them from behind the wall. "Since you have broken in, you wil go to the dungeon!" And then LittleGhostPrankster noticed mew. "Huh? How did you get in here? Well, I guess I will put you in the dungeon as well." So, she led them downstairs, and locked them in the cell.

Chapter 7

"Mew, why did LGP kick you out anyway?" Hero boy asked mew, sitting by him in the cell.

"Well, it it's a long story." Mew began "When I was little, my parents, the king and queen of Jalapanos, died. I was only 6 at the time, and my kingdom law stated that you had to be ten before you could rule the kingdom. So, they ordered Lady LittleGhostPrankster (She had Forcefully gotten LG to marry her) to rule the kingdom. Once I turned ten, she was sent away. Not being able to be the queen anymore, she built this place, and made it her castle. She said she had locked up an evil terror that she was planing on releasing onto my kingdom, and the whole rest of Ooo. I camd to try to make peace with her, but she kicked me out."

"Well, we will help you." Hero Boy said. "But we need to get out of here first."

Just then, Hero Boy heard a someone out side the window. He looked up to see an oshowat. He looked next to him. Felinoel was still there. He looked up again.

"I heard you need some help" The mysteriuos oshowat said, peering in. "There is no time for formal interductions, so you can just call me Moss." Moss then took something out of the bag she had, and used it to open the window.

"Why are you helping us?" Hero boy asked

"Any enemy of LGP is a friend of mine." Moss answered. "She was so tough on me, I don't even wanna think about it."

Moss looked angry. Hero boy would as her why she was angry, but he thought it might make her angry at him, so he just climbed out the window and followed her.

Chapter 8

Moss led Hero boy and his friend out of the alley and into the forest. Hero boy looked around. The sun was setting. He remebered that the last thing he had to eat was a sandwich, two days ago. He was starving.

"Moss, is there any food where we are going?" Hero boy asked. Looking toward the front of the group where Moss was leading.

"It matters what you think of as food." Moss said, leading them out of the woods, to an old barn.

Hero boy looked out at the feild. He saw an old wooden cabin. He thought to himself, That looks famileir...

Moss led them into the barn loft and showed them some small haystacks. "Here are your beds." she said to them.

Moss then went down off the barn loft and grabs some old cooked rabbit. "Here, eat it." she said climbing back up, throwing the rabbit in front of them.

Hero boy didn't enjoy the rabbit, but it was food. He went to bed on the haystack and started to dream.

Hero boy was walking through a corn maze, he didn't know where to turn. He fought bad shushi monsters, and giant evil horse flies. He was enjoying himself, until he heard something. It sounded like yelling.

"Hello Hero boy!" Hero boy flung awake to see Pinkie Standing over him. "I saw you walking in the feild, so I decided to follow you and say hi! Do you wanna play!?"

Hero boy just realized how annoying Pinkie Pie is. He answered her, "It's the middle of the night!"

"So!? We can still play!" Pinkie Pie bit his leg and started to drag him out the window and onto the barn roof. She than jumped off, kicked Hero boy off the roof, and let him land on her back. "Come on!"

Chapter 9

"I found you!!" Pinkie Pie yelled, jumping at Hero Boy from behind a tree.

Hero Boy really didn't like playing with Pinkie, but Pinkie kinda forced him to.

"Pinkie Pie! Where are you!?" Hero Boy heard someone yell, it sounded like Nihi.

"Oh! That's Nihi! Gotta run!" Pinkie Pie said, runing over to Nihi.

Now, where is Moss's barn? Hero Boy wondered, looking around. Hero Boy looked a towards the woods. I think it was over there.

Hero Boy waalked for a while, enjoying the night air. He felt as if someone was close by, but he couldn't be sure. But before he knew it, he was lost in the woods.

"Hello?" He called, "Is anyone here?"

He turned around. A figure was running towards him. He didn't have time to move before it slamed into him.

"Watch where your going!" He heard a teenager's voice coming from next to him. "Now my clothes are covered in dirt!"

Hero Boy got up and looked at the man. He had brown hair and glasses.

"I'm sorry" Hero boy said.

"Hm... it's ok." The guy said. "How long have you been out here? It might be a good idea to come with me and find your way home tomorrow morning. I got friend at the camp."

Hero Boy followed the brown haired lad through the woods. They arrived in a clearing with a fire and a wood shelter.

"Flambo, who is this guy?" I black haired man said, sitting by the fire.

"I don't exactly know" The brown haired lad, Flambo, Hero Boy guessed, answered.

"Oh, well hello I don't exactly know. I'm Jofadda and that guy is my friend Flambo the Epic." The brown haired man said, shaking Hero Boys hand.

"My name's Hero Boy" Hero Boy said,, shaking back.

"Ok, well now that we know eachother," Flambo said, "Why don't we eat?"

Hero Boy sat down by the fire and ate the fish that was given to him. "Why do you guys live in the woods?" Hero Boy asked.

"You mean you haven't heard that a about the forest mage that lives in these woods?" Jofadda asks him.

"They say she lives deep in these woods," Flambo said.

"Um.. no. I haven't" Hero Boy answered.

Hero Boy looked around. He wondered if a forest mage really did live in these woods. "Wanna go look for her?" Hero Boy asked.

"Sure" Flambo answered.

So, Flambo and Hero Boy set off to find the forest mage.


Hero Boy and Flambo had been walking through the woods for an hour, and they were almost to the deepest part.

"I've never been this far in" Flambo said.

Hero Boy looked around. He heard something. He didn't know what. He decided to follow it.

The noise led Flambo and Hero Boy to an old cave. They cold hear someone inside.

Hero Boy ran in. "Who are you?" He questioned.

"Quite a rude introduction. But, if you must know, I am MCcomics." The person answered.

"Are you the forest mage?" Hero Boy asked.

"Indeed I am. And look at the time! The sun should be coming up. Not that I see it, these woods are way too dark." The forest mage, MCcomics, said.

"The sun! Oh, I have to find my friends! Please MC, will you come with me? We would really appretiate the help." Hero boy asked.

MCcomics looked at him. "Hm... Sure. I will come with you."

So, Flambo, Hero Boy, and MCcomics headed out of the woods.

Chapter 10

It was nearly noon when Hero Boy and his friends made it out of the woods. He could see a barn in the distance, and knew that was where his friends were.

"Come on!" Hero Boy yelled to his new found friends.


"Hero! Your back!" Felinoel yelled to Hero as he walked up to the barn.

"Yeah, and we need to go soon. Mew said we need to go to the Jalapano Kingdom." SaberSworn said, walking out of the barn.

"Oh, yeah. Are you coming guys?" Hero Boy said, looking at MC and Flambo.

"Mm.... no. We got other other things to do. Nice meeting you!" Flambi said, rushing off with MC towards the woods.

"Ready to go?" Hero Boy asked.

"Ready." His friends said, and they set off for the Jalapano kingdom.

I wrote this because I was bored. I will right more later. If you wanna know what it's about, it really just a story about what adventure time would be like if instead of the actual characters the characters were users here at AT wiki.