Ok, I love Zelda, and I love AT. I thought up an Idea a while ago where it was like an AT and Zelda mash-up. Here are some characters:

I did not make this!

Marceline = Midnalene the Twilight Queen

Jake = Jake the Fairy

Finn = Finn the Hylian

Princess Bubblegum = Princess Bubblegum wearing Zelda's dress

Lady Rainicorn = Lady Eponacorn

LSP = Another Fairy???

Hunsun Abeerdeer = Zant (I know, zant isn't midna's father, but I needed someone, right?)

Magic Man = Skull Kid (Instead of turning Finn into a foot he turns him into a deku scrub)

Ice King = Evil King or Dark King (His skin is green, his clothes are black, and his beard is orange.)

Door Lord = Sakon the Theif

That's all I got. Tell me if you have any suggestions!

Oh, hey, I have decided that I am gonna rewrite the transscipts to go with this. Anyone may write one but I would like for you to give it to me first. Here are the episodes that I would like to make (I will make other ones, but you can make the other ones too.)

Freak City

It came from the twilight realm (It came from the nightosphere)

Return to the twilight realm (Return to the nightsphere)

Return to the twilight realm Part 2 (Daddy's little monster)

What was missing

Too young

Episodes that are done