*A Curtain Pulls back to reveal a stage*

Hello, and welcome to... Ask an AT character! Where all your AT questions will be answered. Please, get comfy with some yummy delicious bacon and ask the AT character of your liking some crazy question! It can be about them, there world, or anything you want really! So, sit back, relax, and ask away!

Mew the Creator asked,

Dear Marceline, Are you seriously more concerned about a bass than your best friends?

Marceline answered,

Hey, my bass is a family heirloom. And if your friends die, you can play a sad song on your bass. Besides, I'm a thousand years old, I was gonna watch them die anyway.

(I'm pretty sure Marcy would save her friends, just doesn't want to admit it 'cause she thinks it makes her sound weak.)

Okay, time for the next question!

A Princess Who Would Rather Remain Anonymous asked,

Dear Lemongrab, Like, what the lump is your problem?! PB tried so hard to help you, but then you, like, started acting like a horrible idiot, so she had to, like, send you far away to Castle Lemongrab so you wouldn't bother anyone else! I hope you're lumping happy with yourself, you big jerk! By the way, you, like, seriously need to relax. I mean, oh my Glob, guy- you're gonna hurt yourself if you keep freakin out like that. Stress is SOOO bad for your lumping skin and stuff. Ick!

P.S. You actually smell really nice. But that's, like, the only good thing I can say about you, cause you're so lumpin annoying. Lemons smell nice.

The earl of Lemongrab replied,

Rahhhhhhhhh! Problem? I don't have any problems... Rrrr.... THIRTY YEARS DUNGEON!

Um... next?

Beemo asked,

Dear BMO, I AM YOUR FATHER! Just kiding, but isn't it lonely when Finn and Jake go adventuring and your alone?

BMO answered,

No. It isn't lonely. I have fun by myself at the tree fort!

(I'm pretty sure by "Fun" he means going into the bathroom and pretending he is talking to a guy named "Football")


Piplupscool3 asked,

Dear Finn, How did you start adventuring,and how come Jake is your partner not Jermaine?

Finn answered,

Oh, that's easy! When I was little I heard the story of Billy and wanted to be just like him! (Plus, I like beating up monsters.) Oh, and... wait, who's Jermaine?

Huh... next.

Webberlover asked,

Dear Flame Princess, Why were you in a lantern and where are you living now?

Flame Princess answered,

Well, first, I was in a candle holder. I guess to stop me from destroying things. And I went back to the Fire Kingdom.

Here is another question from Webberlover!

Webberlover asked,

Dear BMO, are you a boy or a girl?

BMO answered,

I'm a robot!

Ok, here is one from Flame Prince.

Dear Stormo, I know you might never get this, because there's not a legit mailman in the Candy Kingdom (thanks a lot PB), but I just want to say that I really appreciate you keeping Goliad in check. Thanks for keeping her up there on that ledge, and keeping her from going to my kingdom to mind control us all after she gets tired of the Candy Kingdom.

Stormo answered,

Cahhhh! Cah Cah!

Ok, looks like we got another one coming in.

Frfines asked,

Dear Finn, Have you ever wondered how a candy person has a skeleton? They're candies...

Finn answered,

No. I mean, they're Candy People.


SuperMarioFanatic312 asked,

Dear Princess Bubblegum, do you like Finn? Heh.

Princess Bubblegum answered,

Oh silly, Finn is five years younger than me!

Here is another one, and I got even more coming.

A Wikia Contributer asked,

Dear Lemongrab, Happy Birthday! :D Is there any present in particular that you want? What kind of cake and ice cream would be acceptable?

The Earl of Lemongrab replied,

I would like my own kingdom, and I would like vanilla cake and vanilla ice cream.

Here is another one also from A Wikia Contributor (Not sure if same, or different.)

A Wikia Contributor asked,

Dear Flame Princess, Where are you, we haven't see you in 3 months. Finn really missed you and he really want to see you. Come back soon

Flame Princess answered,

I am in the Fire Kingdom, and we can't be together! Finn is a water elemental, he will hurt me!

Here is a third one from A Wikia Contributor! (Still not sure if same, or different.)

A Wikia Contributor asked,

Dear Lemongrab, What have you been up to for the past year we haven't seen you?

RandomKitten (ME!) answered,

He's been sitting in a chair in an empty room, screaming.

Piplupscool3 asked,

Dear Shelby, The Worm Who Lives In Jake's Viola, How come you live in a viola? And how do you find food in there?

Shelby, The Worm Who Lives In Jake's Viola answered,

I live in a Viola because I lived in the tree the viola was made from. And I eat what Finn and Jake eat, just you never see because I'm so small.

Here is the next question!

Flame Prince asked,

Dear Flambo, You are really funny and cool. I'll see you soon dude. Just make sure not to spit on me. You have a tendency to spit on people for no reason.

Flambo answered,

Thanks. And I only spat on Jake.

Here is one from Happy Smoothie, Stay happy and Smoothie

Happy Smoothie asked,

Dear Jake, I think you're righteous for helping Princess Cookie out. By the way...WHERE'S MAH MAIL!?

Jake answered,

Thanks dude. And I will delivery your mail soon.

Here is a question from the one and only, 27finsprincess!

27finsprincess asked,

Dear Finn, Can I wiki marry you or real life marry you...I just wanta marry you some how cause I am your even says it in my username!!!!

Finn answered,

I don't know you, but I should get to know you!

Here is one for all the AT characters!

Sumersprkl asked,

Have any of you ever seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

Finn answered,

No. Does it have awesome lazer shooting ponies? If it does I'll watch it.

Princess Bubblegum answered,

No, but I should sometime!

Jake answered,

No. But I will. I like ponies, but not all of them are cool, because some of them are stereotypical, girly, and annoying.

Here is another one from Sumersprkl

Sumersprkl asked,

Dear BMO, What do you think about the stars in the sky?

RandomKitten (ME!) answered,

I see what you did there...

Here is one for Finn

MCcomics asked,

Dear Finn, what's your opinion on me drawing fanfics where you get injured or embarrassed in almost every comic? Hehe... You rock

Finn answered,

Um... why don't we just go on to the next question?

Sounds good to me!

WaterPrincess123 asked,

Dear LSP, Why do you like like Finn and why do always use the word "lump"?

Lumpy Space Princess answered,

'Cause he's hot! And I say lump 'cause it makes me sound lumpin' cool.

Well, here are two questions from a DOG named JAKE.

A DOG names Jake asked,

Dear NEPTR, Can you make me an apple pie? Just like the way TreeTrunks does it?

NEPTR answered,

I can try sir.

A DOG named JAKE asked,

Dear Princess Cookie, how does it feel to be a princess and have your own servants now?

Princess Cookie answered,

It feels great!

Okay, we've had a lot of questions so far, I'm getting kind of tired, and I think... *Yawn**RandomKitten Falls asleep* *Finn Yells in RandomKitten's ear* Oh wait, what's going on? Oh, yeah, I'm doing ask an AT character. Well, what I was saying was I was gonna take a break and let my friend Jayfeather do this for a while. But just remember, Jayfeather is blind, so be nice!

Okay, Hello, I'm Jayfeather. I like AT but I don't get around to watching it much because of my Medicine Cat duties, so I might need some help from my brother. Oh, and here is the next question!

27finsprincess asked this question (Wait, I think I said the wrong thing.)

Dear Finn and Jake, If you could marry any princess (yes jake princess...not lady rainicorn) who would you marry :)

Finn replied,

Murgle jijvmi...

(*Lionblaze (Jayfeather's brother) Starts Talking* I think he means Princess Bubblegum, I mean, he was pretty upset in incendium...)

Jake Said,

I wouldn't get married unless it could be with Lady.

Um.. Here is the next one. I guess. *Pulls out an envelope.* This one was sent by mail.

Sumersprkl wated to know,

Dear Cake, Do you have any tips on keeping a cat from throwing up? We have a huge problem with our cat Harley.... Especially because my sister and I have to clean it up.

Cake replied,

*Cake starts to talk but RandomKitten wakes up from here nap and interrupts*

This is not an advice thing! If you want to know go look it up on google!

*Jayfeather grabs another envelope* This one was also sent be mail! *Lionblaze Starts Talking* I guess Jake finally got to become a mail man!

Sweet Princess asked (Yay! I got it right this time!),

Dear Finn, If Princess Bubblegum got a clue and began taking your "hints" of liking her, and she liked you back, would you accept her instead of a psychotic candle who hates you?

Finn answered,

Um.. yes.

*Lionblaze* Yes? What kind of answer is that? Say something like, "Or course, I'd snuggle and-*Jayfeather covers Lionblaze's mouth*

Happy Smoothie asked,

Dear Laural Princess, are u?!

Laural Princess answered,

I'm a princess that likes anime and pumpkin spiced food.

Here is a new one... It will e my last one for now, 'cause RandomKitten is awake from her nap.

A Wikia Contributor asked,

Dear Princess Bubblegum, You tried to help Lemongrab... Right?

Princess Bubblegum answered,

Yes, but I had to lock him in a castle because he went terribly wrong.

Ok, I guess I'll give the stage RandomKitten now, but ask me a question! *RandomKitten* No, do not ask him a question. This is Ask an AT Character, not Ask Jayfeather. If you want Ask Jayfeather look it up on google, it's on

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