Ok, here are some stuff I'm going to say and you all better listen

A Word to Pony Lovers

Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with people being bronies, or Pegisters. I am also fine with pony themed avatars or sigs. And if you like MLP, I respect you opinion. What I don't like is people making pony themed blog posts knowing they are going to annoy people. So, all you pony lovers, I am not a hater, respect you and what you like, all I ask is for you to stop making blog posts about ponies. It's just that this is an AT wiki, not an MLP wiki, so people come here for AT. So, me, and a lot of other people, are not haters. And If there are haters, I dislike them, because everyone in this world should learn to respect other people's opinions.

A Word to Pony Haters

Ok, I really don't like the MLP blog posts on this wiki, but all the pony haters should learn to respect other people. The avatars and sigs aren't hurting anyone, and niether are the ponies. Oh, and don't try to change their minds. Just remember, "You can lead a pony to water, but you can't make it drink."


So, now you know what I think. Please join me, and let us settle this Peacefully.