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I wrote randomness

I wrote randomness because I was bored. Here it is

Guy: Hey Link, you should kill yourself

Link: But I don’t wanna kill myself

Guy: Well I’ll do it for you then *Stabs link’s head*

Link: How do I have a knife in my head and I’m still alive?

Guy: You not alive, you’re a zombie

Link: But I don’t feel any different

Guy: We all don’t feel different when we turn into zombies. Now go eat some flesh

Link: But I don’t want flesh

Guy: But Zelda is a zombie *Holds out zombiified princess, Princess attacks link*

Link: *Creeped out, shakes princess off of him* Wait a minute, this isn’t princess Zelda.

Guy: I know, its princess bubblegum. She turned herself and all the other candy people into zombies once again and Finn and Jake are on vacation.

*Link turns around and sees zombies*

Guy: Come on link, eat flesh. It tastes like ponies

Link: How do you know what ponies taste like?

Guy: I eat them *Brings out big silver platter with dead pinkie pie and twilight sparkle on it*

Link: aahh! *Grossed out*

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