Ok, i had an idea. We hold an idea contest! This is how it works:

  • All the entries must be for a TV show or movie idea
  • All the Characters, worlds, items, etc. in your idea must be original.
  • You must explain the characters, the plot, and the world very detailedly

So, with that, start imagining. I will pick the winner and they will win a full color photo of their choice signed by me. The second and third place winners will get other stuff, but, yeah. I will read all of them and me and I will pick my top ten. I will then pick three winners and announce them here. Oh, and one more thing, don't make it inapropriate. So, peace out! Oh, and by the way, please give me all the entries on this page. all you have to do is make a new headline for your idea, and then sign it. If it is short enough I will except it here, and would like you not to put it on the page I showed you. I know, right now it is red link. That is because I will leave it up to the first person who will send their story in to make it.