Ok, I just realized how much I hate people wishing to see PB jealous, or FP and Finn do, something. I just hate them. HATE THEM! I just think all those people thinking serious and thinking aboout stuff like that stupid. And as I will tell you, I do not want bloody battles, I don't not want pregnant AT characters, I do not want an insane PB, and I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE GETTING KILLED (You know who I'm talking to... *Cough* MCcomics *Cough*. That is is why I like the Ice King. Just so you know, my love of Ice King is like LGP's love of Lemongrab. I like Ice King because he is so crazy insane, weird, random, and innocent. All of his episodes are funny and NOT serious, and that's what I like. I mean, HJS's was serious, but it is the type I like. I mean, I coud spand all day talking about Ice King, because, as you see, he is my favorite character. (LGP, did you know your name could also mean LemonGrab Prankster?)