Ok, this has nothing to do with AT but still listen

Ok, I had this idea for a TV show that is really awesome. I didn't base it off anything and I know that the names are in japanese.

So, the show is about a 16 year old kid. He lives in a world and there is a legend. Here is the legend:

Neko, the goddes of elements, created the universe. She made Tora and Raion, two twins, control time together, and she made her son, Koneko, control life. One day Tora and Raion got into an agrument, they both wated to control time be them selves, even though they were supposed to do it together. Because of this argument Neko trapped Raion in the sun and Tora in the moon, and made her son control time also. To avoid any other arguments, she trapped Koneko in the earth and herself in the sky.

Ok, now the kid in the show goes to meet a wise old man and speak to him in his temple. While the kid is in the temple he accidently releases the Raion, Tora, Neko, and Koneko. ... Thats all I got. Tell me if you have any suggestions!