Hello. Welcome to another crossover by me, RandomKitten. I'm trying to make it not way too long because I don't wanna stop in the middle and not write anymore. So, yeah, here it is.

Chapter One

"Twilight! When are you gonna be done with that spell?" Spike says, walking into the library's main room.

Twilight wasn't really paying attention, as she was too busy doing the spell. At that moment, her horn lighted up, and there was a big flash. The next thing she knew, she was looking in front of her at to ponies, one white with a bear hat, and one yellow with nothing. The one in the bear hat's cutie mark was a sword, while the other one's was a ruber band.

"Why hello there." Twilight said, watching the ponies get up.

"Huh? Where are we? Who are you?" The one in the bear hat said. As he was saying that, the yellow one was saying "Finn" over and over again, trying to get the one in the bear at to turn around.

"Jake! This is no time to use your strechy powers" The one in the bear hat, Finn, Twilight thought, said, turning around.

"Dude, I'm not using my strechy powers. Look at yourself." The yellow one, Jake, said.

Finn looked down, and when he saw himself, he started to scream.

"Jake! Wha-wha-What the heck is going on?" Finn said, in a nervous voice.

Twilight really didn't know what was going on. I mean, in all of her research, she had never read about something like this.

"Um... hello? I'm Twilight Sparkle, and you're Finn and Jake, right?" Twilight said.

"How, how does she know our names?" Finn said.

"Dude, we said our names. Remember?" Jake said, pulling Finn off of the wall.

Twilight Sparkle walked over to one of the shelves and started looking through books. "Well, what happened? I don't know why the spell did that, it not supposed to do that!"

"Well, we were walking through the woods, and then a flash of light and here we are." Jake replied.

"Well, I'm we are gonna go see if Princess Celestia can help. Spike, take a letter."

The purple dragon picked up a quil and started to write.

"Dear Princess Celestia, one of my spells has gone wrong and to ponies have appeared in my room. I do not know where they come from, and it seems they are not from around here. I am coming to seek your help. Your apprentice, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike sent the letter to Princess Celestia, and they left the library and headed towards the train station.

Twilight, Finn, Jake, and Spike where almost to the train station when Pinkie Pie bumped into them.

"Hi there! Who are your friends? You know that any friend of Twilight is a friend of mine!" The pink pony said, jumping up and down.

"Pinkie Pie, please excuse us. We are going to Canterlot to request something very important of the Princess." Twilight said, trying to walk around Pinkie Pie.

"Important? I love important things! Can I come?" Pinkie said, jumping even higher.

"Ok. Come on." So, they all boarded a train, and off they went to Canterlot.

There. I'll write more later (I will write more later).